Sony Vaio AC adapter/battery charging problems

whallenich, Oct 22, 8:25am
Hi all,

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FW53GF laptop which is about 2 years old.

This afternoon I started experiencing a problem with the AC adatper/battery.

Specifically, the battery will not charge when plugged into the AC. This randomly just started happening.

The laptop works fine off the battery although that is now nearly flat.

I've had a brief look online and haven't found an easy fix. For example, I've tried booting the laptop up without the battery (which doesn't work - as it's not registering AC power).

Can anyone recommend any fixes I could attempt and/or a good repair centre that I could take the laptop to in Wellington!



hakatere1, Oct 22, 3:37pm
I googled Sony Vaio VGN-FW53GF won'tcharge and got heaps of results. Common faultand should be covered by warranty in a lot of cases.

wombatunder, Oct 22, 7:08pm
Some of those VG* series notebooks from 2009 had an issue with their cooling systems for which Sony issued a recall and extended the warranty (for that part) by two years.We had an out-of-warranty machine that exhibited the problem and Sony repaired it free of charge.It took a bit of digging to find the recall notice and then checking with Sony NZ to confirm that it applied to machines sold in NZ and provide us with a service number.We took the whole lot to Noel Leeming (who supplied it originally) and all was cool.other than the length of time it took to get the machine back (circa 6 weeks).

See if you can search out a recall notice for the power system for your model, print it out, and check with Sony.Try to get a service number.Then take it back to where you bought it, along with proof of purchase. I found NL Pukekohe only too willing to help (even though the machine was bought at NL Botany) but YMMV with other retailers.

zaowl, Oct 22, 10:53pm
OP Service Plus here in Wellington are warranty service agents for Sony. Take it there for assessment, as, if it is considered to be a fault that can be covered under warranty they will be able to service it for you.

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