Best adsl modem!

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 7:35pm
Trying to drag my old Dad out of the dial-up dark ages, can anyone recommend what's the best adsl modem! Just a basic modem with one ethernet port will do.

swivel, Oct 22, 8:33pm
You want the best or Just a Basic modem !Just use the free one from the ISP he connects with, Then if he's not happy look around

drcspy, Oct 22, 8:42pm
most ISP's will issue the user with an adsl modem when they sign up.

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 9:14pm
I do want the best, what I meant by "basic" is I just want a modem not a wireless router combo. (can always add a wireless router in later) From my own experience I know that what you get from your isp is not always that great, Telecom with their terrible Thomson routers for example, so I was just interested to see if anyone knew if any particular modem had a really good rep. From what I've read on forums it seems some modems are prone to overheating / disconnecting :-)

drcspy, Oct 22, 9:16pm
what makes you think the thompson routers issued by smellycon are bad ! I have two of them and they're pretty damn reliable.In saying that I have seen any brand of modem/router fail at different times.

drcspy, Oct 22, 9:17pm
get the 'free' one issued by the isp (smellycons thompsons are wireless anyway tho you can disable that functionality if you wish).if the free one isn't working as well as you want THEN change it.why throw away money on another device when you dont need to !

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 9:26pm
The thomson router I had was continually chucking me offline and it's wireless range was pathetic. this continued even after I made them swap me out another (but same model). I'm not necessarily going to throw any money away on anything at all, I was onlyinterested to see if there was a particular modem that is known to be better than the others.just asking is all.

drcspy, Oct 22, 9:27pm
and you now have a different router that doens't cause issues !

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 9:32pm
That's right I've beenusing a TP-lInk router with huge improvement in performance, however TP-link don't appear to make a stand-alone adsl modem, hence my question, also I've had it few years now, so thought there might be something even better available now.

swivel, Oct 22, 9:33pm
Never had a problem with the Telecom Modems, the V7 model I sold over 100 and no problems. I use the Telecom 2Wire modem here at home for nearly 3 years (november the warranty runs out)(year 3 year Warranty by Telecom) and love it, Shop now runs one as well.

But who would your Dad go to ! Who is he with on dialup!

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 9:33pm
plus the online store I got my tp-link from don't stock them anymore.

bluecambridge, Oct 22, 9:35pm
Yeah my Dad is with Telecom with his dial-up, he wants to stick with them as he likes the cell-fone plan he has

drcspy, Oct 22, 9:49pm
why would you want a 'standalone adsl modem' when it's very easy to disable wireless in any modem !, Oct 22, 10:02pm!p=480528 I've recommended and installed 5 of these for neighbours and friends - never had a problem. At this price, you may as well get it and just disable the wireless if you don't want it. Better to have it and just not activated, than not having wireless functionality at all.

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