New Imac Snow Leopard freeze problem help

dna187, Oct 23, 7:17am
Hi anyone that may know how to help me, as applecare is not open at this time.

i have a 27inch imac that is four months old.
then suddenly the least 2 days it has been freezing, forcing me to turn the power button off then back on.

so now i started the imac with the osx install disc to get to disk utility and fixed the "volume count error and directory count error"

so now i have zero'd out the hard drive and erased free space to make it as clean as possible.
then i installed osx snow leaopard.

It asked me to restart to finish installation.

Then the welcome screen comes up. FREEZE
and i restart the computer and again and again it freezes on the welcome screen.

! so it must be hard drive stuffed right!

gibler, Oct 23, 7:24am
yep could be. run through the Apple diagnostics test (also worth trying the HD manufacturers tools e.g. seagate from bootable CD).

Also test yer RAM:

dna187, Oct 23, 7:38am
where is the apple diagnostics test!how do i try the other tools! do u mean from the install disc !
that ram page looks confusing lol

dna187, Oct 23, 7:39am
also with the ram test i cannot download for the mac as i cannot get into the desktop. only from osx install disc to the utilities etc is where i can go

gibler, Oct 23, 7:39am
well wait for the applecare line then.

dna187, Oct 23, 7:41am
but yea you could be right from that page you gave me. it seems like the ram could have a problem thanks mate

lance, Aug 2, 2:18am
I've had this same corruption issues with my iMac for years. I have an iMac running snow leopard 10.6.8 and I've had these "Invalid volume file count" and "Invalid volume directory count" errors for over 3 years. Nothing I have done to try and fix this has worked. I've replaced RAM, I've replaced the logic board, I've replaced the graphics card, I've repalced the HD, I've replaced the power supply, I've gone through every software uninstall, reinstall, reset, recreate accounts, re-whatever imaginable and I still get these errors regularly. There is not one solution imaginable I have not tried short of throwing my Mac out the window. I would say I've had as many problems with my iMac as I had with my Dell prior to switching to Apple.

I know the corruption problem and freezing is coming when I start seeing weird lines running across my screen or weird font distortions. I often get the Mac's version of the blue screen of death - everything freezes and the beach ball starts spinning after a while. I've contacted Steve Jobs and Tim Cook about this and although they had senior techs call me to try figure it out, no one could resolve the issue for longer than a week or so. I have to repair my disk about 2 or 3 times a week. Apple can make up every excuse in the book but in the end they have not been able to fix my computer for well over 3 years and they still won't admit it's a manufacturers defect and they're not willing to do anything about it. They were just waiting for the Applecare protection to run out so they could get rid of me. Quite unbelievable!

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