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helsbels2, Oct 25, 12:10am
When you go to different shops they seem to have set brands they are set on selling me. I thought Tosihbas were good but now sort oflike an Acer but I beleive they don't have a very good reputation but the saleman he was adamant it was the bees knees. So which really is better will throw HP into the mix too. Next question The intel i7 surely that is better than the i5 and i3 if so why has the one I liked been discontinued if it was new or maybe it was an old generation i7, In which case is a 2nd generation i5 better! And if anyone has any recommendations on their current favourite that they would absolutly must buy would love to know. Will be used for home as well as business use. No Macs cos can't run the workshop software on them. Thanks in Advance Hoping this is more helpful than the teenage salesman around.

shyslop, Oct 25, 12:12am
1. Asus/ Toshiba
2. HP

If it has been discontinued then more than likely it has been replaced with the 2nd gen i7 processor. What are the specifications of the software you need!

vtecintegra, Oct 25, 12:20am
The 2nd generation i5 is MUCH better than the first generation i7

Just make sure you get a second gen chip (you can tell by the four digit model number, for instance an i7-720QM is 1st gen, an i7-2720QM is 2nd gen)

Also bear in mind CPU is largely irrelevant for most tasks these days - even the very cheapest i3 is incredibly fast in that regard. Other factors like disk performance actually make a bigger difference than CPU

helsbels2, Oct 25, 12:20am
Can't remember off hand just know that it is windows based and I know lots of people try and recommend macs.

vtecintegra, Oct 25, 6:20am
You can run Windows on a modern Mac and its actually not a bad choice if money is no object.

babcorp, Oct 25, 6:29am
Like the toshiba for the full size keyboard.

hulda, Oct 25, 9:08am
How do you measure or find out about disk performance!

drcspy, Oct 25, 5:18pm
standard laptop has a 5400rpm sata drive.
a 7200 rpm drive will perform a bit better

an SSD drive (solid state) is MUCH faster than a standard sata drive

linmc, Oct 25, 9:44pm
This Toshiba is a great laptop, (bought one a couple of months ago), and is reduced from $1799 down to $1349. But Dick Smith have it advertised at $992 (might be a mistake though!)

helsbels2, Oct 26, 12:40am
That 750 02j is the one I wanted that is discontinued but it has the first generation i7. So is it still good.

helsbels2, Oct 26, 12:43am
can't find it at Dick Smith

linmc, Oct 26, 1:18am
That page on the Dick Smith site has been removed - thought it was too good to be true, lol.

The link I gave you for Bond and Bond says "2.0Ghz 2nd Gen Intel Core i7-2630QM processor"

That's the same one I have and I'm pleased with it.It's now $50 cheaper than I paid at the special price, lol.

helsbels2, Oct 26, 3:36am
Yep I like its looks too but dh will kill me if i buy based on looks.

lostdude, Oct 26, 3:38am
Does this laptop have a backlit keyboard! I'm getting different opinions online regarding this. Toshiba state that all P750 models have backlit keyboards whereas owners state the opposite.

linmc, Oct 26, 3:50am
I've had an Acer for 4yrs, (still going but I can't find the charger cord, lol), and an HP for a year.Like it too BUT the Toshiba was such an awesome buy, Icouldn't resist!

As for having a backlit keyboard, Ii can't say I've noticed but when I switch it on tonight, I'll let you know.

linmc, Oct 26, 7:18am
The quick keys at the top of the keyboard are backlit and there's a light at the top of the touchpad.

nitronz, Oct 26, 7:42am

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