Printer printing colour but no black!

rowe2, Oct 19, 10:10am
My printer has decided to only print colour and no black,have tried the cleaning process so many times but to no avail.Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to remedy the situation as it is fairly new but was not used for a while.

owene, Oct 19, 11:02am
Obviously requires a new black cartridge.

rowe2, Oct 19, 11:25am
Tried that.brand new brother one.still no go.

hakatere1, Oct 19, 3:36pm
You didn't give a model, but check out type in model number and search. Normally blocked printhead. I think you've got to soak printhead in alcohol or something. I have a brother same problem. I got a canon and only use the brother for scanning.

wombatunder, Oct 19, 9:49pm
Same experience here with a Brother MFC-640CW, two failed attempts with new high-capacity black cartridges.As a last resort, we put in a standard black cartridge and it all worked again.Not impressed.If it were my printer (which it's not) I would have binned it.

dbolton, Oct 19, 10:13pm
Not obvious at all. A quick Google search will confirm that it is a frequent problem with the black. I had two of them and it is usually a blocked headbut in saying that not easy to fix. Cheaper to buy a new one when on special as will cost too much to get fixed

rowe2, Oct 25, 7:28am
Thanks to everyone for your advise.

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