web hosting

Web hosting anyone know a good ,fair priced web hoster for a small business web site? thanks mike.

geek_mike877, Jun 13, 4:10 am

Webbase starting from $8 a month

geek_soodanim, Jun 13, 4:12 am

Cheapest i have seen http://webhostingnz.com/

geek_stuw, Jun 13, 4:15 am

247chch.co.nz www.247chch.co.nz starting at 7.95 per month. Christchurch based server.

geek_photosales, Jun 13, 4:59 am

Have you built the site and just need a host ?

geek_mwood, Jun 13, 9:11 am

Use hosthaste.co.nz

geek_jancemord, Jun 13, 9:48 am

Yes Hosthaste

geek_meika4, Jun 13, 10:22 am

Net24 are fantastic and reliable

geek_briarferris, Jun 13, 12:16 pm

yes just had the site built for me , took 4 months ,cost $4300,and its not a big site! goes live next week, being charged $20 per month by the builder for hosting.

geek_mike877, Jun 13, 8:08 pm

Leave it with the host who built it price is ok you could face a total rebuild if you shift it - better to select a new host if you are not happy and have them clone or copy your existing site

geek_mwood, Jun 13, 8:56 pm

Check out www.webhostingreviews.co.nz

geek_double0, Jun 13, 9:30 pm