Help please with an Access question

bucca11, Oct 28, 1:50am
Hi there, I am trying to print a database onto one piece of A4 paper, but it keeps cutting off my last 2 columns and putting them onto a second piece. I have it set on landscape and normal margins. What am I doing wrong! Thanks in advance :)

marnie5, Oct 28, 1:55am
reduce column width or create a query with just the columns of data you want to see.alternatively you could create a report in columnar or justified format which can display all data grouped by record

gyrogearloose, Oct 28, 3:55am
Your last 2 columns could be Text and could be 255 characters wide, despite only having a few words or nothing at all. If this is the problem, reduce the data width or fix the width to a smaller value.

drcspy, Oct 28, 4:43am
reduce the margins to whatever you can get away with .you dont really need margins 'normal' from memory in word that's huge.

bucca11, Oct 28, 5:49am
Thanks guys, appreciate this :)

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