Avast Vs M/S Security Essentials

I have just loaded MSE on my Win XP machine.I also have Avast (free) running.I have removed Windows Defender as I believe this is inferior.
Question - do they conflict with each other and if so which one to retain!

geek_b.chapman, Oct 30, 10:29 am

Both avast and MSE running together is not recommended. May cause conflicts, even if they seem to have no conflicts. It may well have issues when/if malware is detected.then it's too late.

Personally I would keep avast.

geek_chnman, Oct 30, 10:38 am

geek_chnman, Oct 30, 10:55 am

True both running is a bad Idea, But whats your specs for the computer, I would keen MSE

geek_swivel, Oct 30, 11:16 am

PC is an older Acer 3700 with 2GHz P4, 1Gb RAM, Win XP SP3.It is certainly slow with MSE.I see the link above recommends Avast with MSE a close second so I think I will stick with Avast and Windows Defender.

Thanks all

geek_b.chapman, Oct 30, 12:03 pm

Fair enough, But drop Windows Defender (As MSE is the upgrade) and did you try MSE with Avast un-installed !

geek_swivel, Oct 30, 12:13 pm

WHY would you install two 'real time ' protection antivirus programs at the same time ! More in that sense is NOT better.It's counter productive, and highly NOT reccomended

geek_drcspy, Oct 30, 1:54 pm