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meng8742, Nov 4, 2:22pm
HI i just need your expert advise on VPN's just seeing if this is traceable (well yes, but no isp will go to the length of contacting overseas provider). and would you recommend it for downloading about 1-2 torrent movies per week!
Roughly US$18 for unlimited plan. my link is about 9mb downstream. just seeing how badly my VPN will affect my speed. my torrent current goes average at 1mb down with good seeds at the moment without vpn. does anyone use vpn please share your experience

rohb, Nov 4, 7:04pm
$18 US. IS THAT PER MONTH! that want one that change IP at will and provider that keep the logging minimal

swivel, Nov 4, 7:28pm
They wouldn't, the copyright owner would do that (or have the law etc do it) then contact theISP here with the details.

little_egypt, Nov 4, 7:55pm

travis47, Nov 5, 9:04am
I read somewhere that they have contracted monitoring companies who will watch download sites for IP addresses that relate to NZ computers and report them back to the copyright holders.

swivel, Nov 5, 9:06am
That wouldn't be the ISP's, as they just worry about you paying your bill

travis47, Nov 5, 9:28am
No its the copyright owners who have contracted the monitoring companies to report back to them the IP addresses of down loaders.

meng8742, Nov 5, 3:25pm
and also how will vpn affect my download speed. anyone tried it!

travis47, Nov 5, 7:35pm
I would be interested as well. Anyone recommend a good service!

cameragod, Nov 5, 8:41pm
You would rather pay $18 US per month to steal movies than buy them leagaly!

little_egypt, Nov 6, 1:29am
This is the silly thing. OF COURSE NOT!

Everyone (even the most hardcore pirates) would much rather be paying $8 to $10 a month for netflix than >$15 a month for a VPS or seedbox . It's insane to say that it's not possible to provide it in New Zealand either, at the very worst all they have to do is switch off the IP checking that stops people from New Zealand from being able to use the US service and it'd be even better if they could have servers in New Zealand and do some deal with the ISP's to have it all zero-rated.

little_egypt, Nov 6, 1:33am
Yes I know there are licencing agreements. Still the same deal; somebody, somewhere has the power to make netflix availble in New Zealand but they're rather bitch and moan about how they can't compete with free while we all spend twice as much to get around copyright law because the legal copyright holders don't seem to want to take our money.

suicidemonkey, Nov 6, 1:33am
I've been using SwissVPN for years. about $7 a month.

doudle101, Nov 6, 3:16am
BTGuard are great at $8.97NZD a month and it works perfect with utorrent

rugbyreff, Nov 6, 5:19am
I use Astrill. A really light, easy to use torrent client, lots of servers, secure, and fast as. Never had any problems. It's a bit more expensive at US$30 for 3 months but its cheaper for a year's subscription. But you do get good live tech support, and using the VPN on multiple devices at the same time is not a problem

sbw27, Nov 7, 9:28pm
I would just get a cheap seedbox.they download uber fast from torrent sources, then uber fast back to your PC using a secure encrypted sftp client. A 350 meg file back to me in about 6 minutes. Will cost you between $14-$20us for a good seedbox with a good amount of storage and no limitations. Here's a good comparison:

cameragod, Nov 7, 9:37pm
It's amazing the effort people will go to in order to steal someone else's hard work.

sbw27, Nov 7, 9:41pm
Go back to the year 2000 cameragod, plenty of people want to pay for digital media, there's just no way to do it properly, and in a timely manner in this country because it is so backward. That $14-$20 should be going to the copyright holder, so who is at fault!

directorylist, Nov 7, 9:42pm
Yeah they are pretty cheap these days.

EU$6 for 75GB Gigabit connected seedbox with VPN and proxy thrown in for free

directorylist, Nov 7, 9:43pm
The stupid thing is, i know guys now who are torrenting much more than they were before.

Now they are paying for a torrent service in a seedbox, they're more likely to be using it fully.

cameragod, Nov 7, 9:55pm
Oh yes its the victims fault and girls in short skirts are just asking for it.

sbw27, Nov 7, 10:25pm
No it's not the victims fault, it's the media companies that release TV series in New Zealand 6 to 12 months after they do in the states, and don't offer users the opportunity to pay for what they want. Comparing copyright infringement to rape is sick.

directorylist, Nov 7, 10:34pm
Comparing copyright infringement with rape! sensationalist much!

cameragod, Nov 7, 11:01pm
I just get sick of the blame the victim attitude. So you want something now and because you can??

directorylist, Nov 7, 11:06pm
The facts are this, The current media distribution model is broken. It worked when production houses could keep a hold on supply but now they cant its just stupidity trying to use the same outdated model and complain that its no longer working.

Technology change and peoples expectations change. Companies need to adapt their business models or die. Is that the fault of the pirates! partly, is that the fault of a production companies! partly, their inability to adapt has been the catalyst for their demise.

The other side of it is your argument (well his) has been somewhat debunked by the fact that some people are quite happy to pay their way around this new law to allow them access to the content they desire.

A seedbox for instance will cost you say EU$10 a month, Thats going to some shonky dude running a service in Europe somewhere instead of the people who created the content. Why! because the distribution model is broken and people don't have the patienceto wait for something to be made available here, when there is no technical reason why it cant be made available worldwide now. Other than the fact that the various middlemen wont get their cuts.

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