Brother printer driver MFC 210C

kevlight, Nov 12, 8:06am
need a driver for this printer. for Vista 32 bit software
tried the brother Solutions site but on dial up 10hrs download is impossible. is there anyother way to get the driver ! thanks Kev

suicidemonkey, Nov 12, 8:07am
find a friend with broadband :)

drcspy, Nov 12, 5:30pm
why is a 10 hour download 'impossible' .I done things like that many times when on dial up.

use a download manager so if it cuts offyou will be able to resume the download from the point it cut off not have to go back and restart the entire thing.and simply set it to run over's not hard to do and you'll wake up with the download finished.

drcspy, Nov 12, 5:56pm
or a quick google (this took me about 2 minutes) and voila heres a much smaller download

3Mb will only take you 15 mins on dialp.

that package you were trying to get from is the FULL drivers and software package .the one I"ve linked to there is JUST the drivers it's all you'll need.

also with that model of printer have you tried just plugging it in and see if windows can install the drivers 'automaticaly' from it's own driver database.! wouldn't suprise me if it can

kevlight, Nov 17, 4:53am
thanks drcspy i inadvertently tried to print from default printer .and found as you suggested that the driver must have been in the Windows data base ,all the time ,don't know why the error message no driver came up first ,then changed its mind. Have reloaded Java and Fire fox,perhaps fixed its self, all good , printing now .

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