Any good advice on a decent MP3 transmitter!

Just want to put an audio feed onto ~ 107.5MHz for around the office!

Have tried 3 different units off TM and all are useless - very short range and lots of hiss and mush. Have even spliced in a booster antenna of correct size (quarter wavelength) but not much better.
The feed audio is good quality so it's not that.

Any advice based on actual purchase and use would be highly appreciated.


geek_thetechman, Nov 12, 12:06 pm

Thanks for the suggestion. There's a particular reason we want a nifty little transmitter. Cheers.

geek_thetechman, Nov 12, 2:13 pm

ive had a belkin one given to me and it was good.Theyre not perfect, but thats the best ive had so far.The cheapie chinese ones dont seem to work as well.

geek_christin, Nov 12, 7:13 pm

this is the one i have.

only problem is ive only tested it in two cars.I think sometimes car stereos can vary the quality etc (ive had some that work well in one, but in others)

geek_christin, Nov 12, 7:15 pm

The low powered ones are all horrible even with decent tuners

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 12, 7:19 pm

why not just get a wireless audio system! Be a damn site better than a shitty little transmitter.
Have a look on amazon or similar for user reviews.

geek_ryanm2, Nov 13, 1:02 pm