Is downloading pop music on legal!

shell65, Nov 12, 5:31am
Our daughter was told of this site at school (by a relieving teacher!).It seems to be very popular with the kids getting justin beiber and katy perry music etc. Does anyone know the legality of it.
The site itself says you can copy the audio from uncopyrighted video clips.
To me any video-clip that has audio from a pop artist will be copyrighted!

vtecintegra, Nov 12, 5:34am
No it isn't legal

It also isn't covered by the new downloading laws, so most likely nothing will come of it.

guest, Jan 7, 7:48pm

guest, Jan 16, 4:31pm

guest, Jul 11, 2:41pm
they r legal. so you are saying you can upload a copyrighted video and the whole world can watch it again and again for free but when u download that very specific video it becomes illegal. the number one youtube to mp3 converting website started a petition when google told the owner of that site to shut it down. the petition got more than 6 million signatures and the german government said it was legal to download and google could'nt do anything about it. if those sites were illegal most would have been shutdown but not a single one has been. so yeh go ahead and download whatever you want. i use for converting videos.

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