MP160 canon Printer

jaas, Jun 13, 9:44am
MP160 canon Printer I have installed a refilled cartridge - anyone know how to reset the ink counter? ta.

nzer0, Jun 14, 3:57am
Nobut if you work it out tell me please.
god Canon come out with some total rubbish.
its like having a car with no fuel cap.

pixma, Jun 14, 4:23am
I have a MP160 in the spare room. Haven't used it in ages but when I put new ink in it always use to ask me if I had done so and you click Yes or No, yes resets the ink counter. If memory serves me right ;)

macmar, Jun 14, 5:10am
I have and Canon MP 130 and when I change inks, it asks on the little screen if you have changed black or colour you need to press the yes or no - then OK at the end.

nzer0, Jun 14, 5:12am
Not with these it doesnt tried taking it out again and everything.

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