Hotmail account been hacked. advice please!

girlgeorgina, Nov 6, 8:12pm
signed into hotmail this morning to find my account sent out spam messages overnight. ive changed the password both there and on msn messenger. is there anything else i can do to try and stop this, or will i have to shut down my account! MSE virus checker comes back clean every time and i dont visit risky sites.

thanks in advance!

morticia, Nov 6, 8:16pm
It's more likely one of two old scenarios - someone has forwarded your emails including your address to someone who has poor security and they have been compromised by virus which has harvested your address, along with every other address on their machine and used it to generate spam. Or, your address has been generated by one of the many spam programs and emails sent out in your name. These programs just generate thousands, millions of random addresses of letters and numbers, they don't have to be valid. If only one in a 1000 are real, they've done their job.

Both those scenarios are old, old methods and far more likely than your account being hacked, unless your own security is poor.

The third one is that someone doesn't like you very much and specifically added your address to a spam site.

girlgeorgina, Nov 6, 8:37pm
thanks for that. its only cos i have myself on my address list that i knew. every few days, my msn will log me out, saying i cant be signed in 2 places at once. i only have one computer, and never use msn anywhere else.

is there anything i can do to stop it, or is that it, over and done with! its never happened in the 8 or so years ive had this address. i do have another account set up, but moving everything to that will be a hassle. evey website im a member of is attached to my "at risk" account.

no one i dont know personally has my email, so its not the 3rd, which is good.

morticia, Nov 6, 8:39pm
Kind of over and done with. You could set up a filter to reject all bounced messages so you never see them, but that means real ones will disappear as well and it won't stop the spam going out in your name, nothing will now.

tigra, Nov 6, 8:43pm
I've been getting messages from a hotmail account of a guy I know has been dead for 6 months. The first one was a bit weird -like maybe he was up there keeping an eye on me.

girlgeorgina, Nov 6, 10:16pm
thanks morticia. so will just keep an eye on things and if it keeps up, will shift everything to my backup account. have already set up my blog to send all contact form mail there, since i reply to those messages and my addy could have been used that way.

lucky.gadgets, Nov 6, 11:41pm
People still use hotmail!

mattnzw, Nov 7, 9:06am
Try gmail, far better. But if hotmail has been hacked, you could have malware on your PC.

ferrit47, Nov 7, 10:44pm
Yes my wifes one was hacked into as well.Change your hotmail account.

johnf_456, Nov 9, 2:37am
Yup, I use one for signing upto website to download a software product to try out. But not for main email no.

axelvonduisberg, Nov 10, 2:26am
Get a proper Email address

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