Adobe discontinues Flash Player for mobile devices

neil51, Nov 9, 8:12am

drcspy, Nov 9, 8:35am
it's still available for android just haev to look for it

cybertao, Nov 9, 8:48am
My son was complaining just this afternoon that he was having trouble playing some Flash games on his 2.4Ghz P4 with 1GB, damn right they gave up trying to get things working on some little ARM or MIPS.

pdh, Nov 9, 9:27am
I tried an iPad and the big thing I didn't like about it was that it didn't support Flash. I now have an Android tablet. If Flash is such out of date technology then why is there so may websites using it.
Funny thing is I have now a smaller tablet and I couldn't find Flash Player in the Android market.

drscspy - where do you look now or has it gone!

cybertao, Nov 9, 9:36am
Flash isn't out of date technology, it's just crappy technology.

lostdude, Nov 9, 9:39am

vtecintegra, Nov 10, 2:04am
Flash works perfectly well on my Cortex A-8 with a fairly middling GPU and 512MB of RAM, and also a Windows netbook with an E-350 and 6310.

Anyway they're not really killing Flash, just promoting it as Air which is a different but related technology

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