Laser Printer (Black) - What do you use!

puddleduck00, Nov 4, 2:56am
I print way too much to justify using an inkjet printer so I'm looking at replacing it with a cheap laser printer. Those of you with a laser, what's your preferred model! Are they expensive to run and can you buy generic toner carts for them! All I need to do is to be able to print black cheaply.

brucie44, Nov 4, 3:05am
I have had a Brother b&wlazerfor about 2 years.
Would buy same again.
Just buy photocopy paper.

swivel, Nov 4, 3:05am
For the Laser I have 3, Kyoroca fs1000+ and Oki 24DX (both Black) works well and can get generic, Oki C5200 Colour, and for invoices a STD Canon ip4000r inkjet (get free ink from Cartridge World). All came in for recycling and got all going.

Lasers are cheap to run and the generic toners are between $36 - $50 (or get them re-filled).

shaun16, Nov 4, 3:09am
brother hl2140. cheap to run and works excellent (can get generic toner)

gibler, Nov 4, 4:20am
I use a Laserjet 5MP (cost was zero) and i've yet to get to the spare toner (which was also a freebie).

puddleduck00, Nov 4, 4:53am
CHeers guys there's a few models for me to look at. With a laser printer do they generally print instantly when you click print! Unlike inkjets where they often fluff about alligning themselves etc.

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