What a good CMS tool you can advice me to use!

bidtolast, Nov 8, 10:22pm
Sitefinity CMS is great tool for building static web page because it have the drag drop user control feature that allow normal Admin user dynamic build the new page very quickly.But it don't have the ecommerce feature.

Opposite to Sitefinity behaviour, NopCommerce provide rich functions for Ecommerce, but it don't have the drag drop user control feature.

I wonder if you know any other CMS that support both feature "Drag Drop and Ecommerce solution"


makgeeknz, Nov 9, 6:02am
Take a look at SilverStripe; homegrown and there's bound to be an extension/module for anything you'd want to do.

mattnzw, Nov 9, 6:15am
You have to pay for it though, and is windows. I prefer open source CMS as there is far more support available, and there tend to be far more modules.Wordpress is good.

jancemord, Nov 9, 6:27am

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