Toshiba Satellite L650 laptop. Dvd player!

Hi, i have has this laptop for about 6 months now and have never needed to use the dvd player before. It is not recognising my disc at all. Can anyone tell me if this does have a dvd player or does anyone know any reasons why it is not working!Thanx!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 12:06 pm

Does it say DVD Rewriter on the faceplate! Then, yes.
What is "my disc"!

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 5, 12:21 pm

It says dvd rewriteable. On the part where you put the disc in. Just a normal dvd (my disc).

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 1:01 pm

A normal DVD! Need more info.

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 5, 1:18 pm

yes, one from the video shop

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 1:20 pm

just tried one i have brought.nothing comes up on the screen when i load it!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 1:23 pm

I just put the disc in, for the type of software to come up on the screen. For me to decide how to play it! Nothing comes i doing something wrong!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 2:32 pm

See if the disc appears in Windows Explorer. Then double-click it. Or start up your preferred player(WMP, VLC, etc) and do File > Open.

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 5, 2:36 pm

i cant find it there!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 5, 2:58 pm

What software are you using to play it!

geek_johnf_456, Nov 6, 2:30 pm

Can't find what, where! Did you open My Computer/Computer and double click the dvd icon!

geek_hakatere1, Nov 7, 10:10 am

I cant find a dvd icon.anywhere.

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 3:06 pm

take a look at this picture it'll help.and report back if you dont have anything similar showing up

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 3:14 pm

well !

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 3:42 pm

Thanx, there is nothing like that or similar showing up!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 4:54 pm

ok what version of windows !

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 4:55 pm

windows 7.

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 4:56 pm


RIGHT clik 'my computer' then clik properties on teh menu which pops up.then clik 'device manager' then clik the little triangle thing beside 'dvd cd rom drives' and report what's listed there

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 4:57 pm

under dvd/cd rom goes underneath to cd/rom drive.

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 5:00 pm

go here clik the green RUN NOW button

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 5:01 pm

scan for hardware driver.and properties.

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 5:01 pm

doing that now

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 5:02 pm

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 5:05 pm

Thank you so seems to have worked!Could you tell me what the problem would of been!

geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 5:05 pm

google 'upper and lower filters' windows cd dvd .i'ts a common problem it's an error in the registry (and DON'T go near any 'registry repair' programs)

I await your cheque in the mail.

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 5:09 pm

print this one off it may be handy for future reference !

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 5:10 pm


geek_trinoxy, Nov 7, 5:12 pm

I wondered about that, but thought that caused a Code 39 error message. Obviously it varies then.

geek_r.g.nixon, Nov 7, 5:50 pm

sometimes you don't get any error you just 'lose' the cd/dvd drive

geek_drcspy, Nov 7, 7:12 pm

I need help to open it

geek_guest, Mar 3, 6:46 am