Sharing printer between routers (2 networks)

funnyfellanz, Nov 2, 12:01am
Hi guys,
I've googled but not exactly sure what I should be googling for.

At my church we have the main dsl modem/router, feeding a hub (i believe, it appeared in the new network box during upgrades) feeding the cable outlets around the venue. They get IP's from the modem's DHCP server. (192.168.1.X)

Then the modem feeds the wireless router through the WAN port and it gives ips to the wireless clients (192.168.3.X). The reason we have two different DHCP servers is that the modems one with the filtering won't give out ip's to anything thats not on the 'allowed' list, and the wireless is really only for the tech team and since we're always changing computers/upgrading parts etc the wireless routers mac is allowed, then it can give its own ip's to anything with the correct wireless key (bypassing mac filter)

What I have discovered (although I expected it) was that I can eg. Print from the wireless back to the cabled photocopier, but I cannot eg. file shareor connect from cabled pc to a printer shared on wireless pc. Or file share for that matter.

Is there really any way to accomplish this!

jcmp21, Nov 2, 2:26am
Get rid of Mac filtering for a start. It does absolutely nothing for security and just causes headaches. Move all the clients onto the same network by using the AP mode on the wireless if it has the option.

funnyfellanz, Nov 2, 7:07am
Unfortunately its a thing I don't get a say in, the 'powers that be' when we first talked about updating to dsl from the dial up were paranoid about security, and want 'security' :/

shalodge, Nov 2, 8:10am
Devices on net 2 ( can see and connect to devices on net 1 ( but those devices on net 1 cannot direct packets to net 2 devices unless a static route is entered in the net 1 router telling traffic that packets for net 2 have to be sent to the the Wan interface of the net 2 wireless router.

If RIP is enabled you may not need to enter the route mnually.

If you allow netbios through the net 2 router you can file share.

otako, Nov 3, 1:15am
No difference to security with a combo dsl wireless/router for a single dhcp network, you can still can enforce the mac list for the pc's and wpa2 for the techs.

jcmp21, Nov 3, 1:41am
Interesting for a few reasons.
1)DSL is more secure than dialup.
2)Mac filtering provides no protection from internet originating traffic and almost non existent protection on the LAN (about as effective as putting duct tape over a keyhole to increase protection)

Admittedly it may help to prevent someone just plugging in their laptop they brought from home and surfing the web, but a5 second process to change a mac address and then away it goes.

drcspy, Nov 3, 2:55am
shows the ignorance of the 'powers that be' who probably wouldn't know what a harddrive was if they tripped over it

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