Overseas internet access with Ipad!

Hi there,
a friend is going to UK on holidays with an Ipad2 & wants to know how to access the internet!

now with a laptop you can get a dongle but Ipads have no usb ports (well hers doesn't anyway) so anyone know of any other way, aside from wifi internet cafes!

So far all my googling found was the dongle route & internet cafes.


geek_thleaf, Nov 2, 1:51 pm

Depends on which model your friend has.

If its the wifi only version then you're limited to internet cafes and other areas with wifi

If its the wifi + 3g version you can pop out the SIM card and install a UK one, no additional dongle required

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 2, 1:55 pm

Get a mifi type device, it's like a USB dongle except it puts out a wifi signal.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Nov 2, 1:57 pm

OK thx :)

I will check the model and see what it has I haven't actually seen it yet, her new toy LOL I know it has bluetooth & wifi don't know if it has a SIM card!

cool, fingers crossed it has a SIM card.
IF not I will be back

geek_thleaf, Nov 2, 2:04 pm

I assume these can be found at Dick Smiths & the like!
Good to know

geek_thleaf, Nov 2, 2:07 pm

If not then pyro_sniper2002's idea will work, didn't think of that

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 2, 2:07 pm

Something like 2degrees pocket wifi will do

geek_smoothjazz, Nov 3, 2:50 am