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owene, Oct 16, 5:29am
Does anyone know about the intricacies of TB! Anyone that posts "dump it and get Outlook" - bog off and annoy someone else.

Now, the issue is that I've recently started compacting folders.C oincidentally I've also started using CCleaner. For some reason, one folder is now INvisible in TB but the actual xxx.sbd folder and matching xxx.msf file is intact. There are various suggestions on the blogs amongst which is the idea of deleting the profile folder and re-creating that but my caution suggests that this might not be too clever.

Does anyone know why these emails have become INvisible and what is the solution to making them visible again!

Interestingly, the 'lost' one contains about 4 level of folders each with quite a few emails (a business record going back many years). They're all nicely structured in year/month/client order and it's worked well for 10yrs or so. Total folder incl it's subs is about 1GB.

r.g.nixon, Oct 16, 5:38am
It will be safe *if* you make a copy of the whole folder first - in case it fails and you need to go back.

r.g.nixon, Oct 16, 5:39am
And I mean all the associated folders from the top down.

gibler, Oct 16, 5:47am

owene, Oct 16, 6:11am
Yep I have 31 sequential copies at all times along with 12 monthly copies (the complete mail folder is 12GB). So will try that.

owene, Oct 16, 7:54am
The plot thickens.

Trashed all .msf files then ran TB which created a zero sized one for every .sbd file or folder. Browsing into those files or folders with TB creates an associated .sbd of some size. All OK.

However, the invisible folder we'll call it xyz is still there with all of it's subfolders (as per windows explorer) but remains invisible to TB. Pulled a folder out from a lower level of xyz and on this occasion, a new .sbd file was not created to match that folder pulled up. Neither did it appear in TB.

Trashed the globl-message-db.sqlite file which was 300k and re-running TB created a nee version of that at 43k.

All very mysterious as the folder is certainly there but invisible to TB.

owene, Oct 17, 1:51am
Update. Done everything suggested on mozilla help boards. Complete folder is still visible when browsing but remains invisible to TB. Bloody hopeless really as there are numerous other postings from others who have hade the same issue, some as far back as 2005 yet no permanent solution seems to have been found. Might have to consider moving back to (and this bit is painful as it's MS) Outlook.

In fact, have now realised that TB doesn't have a built-in backup or export function. if if exported to .pst file (as Outlook does) then it'd a lot more resilient.

kevtech, Oct 17, 2:18am
Why dont you look at using hotmail and download "windows live mail" your email stays on the hotmail website and syncronises to windows live mail on your system, this way you can access your email anywhere anytime. "WLM" also has other features too, and if your system crashes and then restored, your email is still safe on the hotmail website, just re-install "WLM" again and syncronise

chnman, Oct 17, 3:28am

chnman, Oct 17, 3:50am
This one says ."Full-featured email recovery solution for POP3 and IMAP accounts, the program provides Mozilla Thunderbird users with a fail-safe way to restore messages even after compacting.".

However it isn't freeware. Free to try, but to save anything you need $$$.

owene, Oct 17, 8:08am
Have my own domains so a hotmail address isn't practical but an interesting thought.

owene, Oct 17, 8:14am
Mmm, that looks interesting and will get it although wouldbe good to get a better understanding of why this happened. will let u know.

cjdnzl, Oct 17, 9:40am
Have a look at a program called "Mosbackup", free from the internet.Does a complete backup of all firefox or TB files. A backup and restore might set it right, or alse a backup then uninstall and reinstall TB then restore might work for you. BTW the latest TB is version 5.

r.g.nixon, Oct 17, 9:46am
The latest TB release is 7.0.1 (excluding version 8 Beta 1 and others).

owene, Oct 31, 9:51pm
Just a followup on this saga.
The problem was CCleaner. I installed it with default setup and it meticulously removed the .msf files on occasions and on other occasions removed the mail files themselves. After extensive backing up and running CCleaner, I now know.

So I'm now back to my System Mechanic and CCleaner is a banned app on my network or that of any users that I support.

Also, out of interest, there was much derision on here about System mechanic (which prompted me to install CCleaner). But, after a Registry clean using CCleaner, I then immediately ran System Mechanic which found a pile of extra erroneous registry entries. So I'll be sticking with the one I know from now on.

chnman, Nov 1, 6:48am
I have never bothered with registry cleaners. Even on a freshly installed system they can find hundreds of "errors". I have tried them on occasion and couldn't see any difference in speed of system booting into Windows. In the right hands I'd expect they can be useful, I don't use CCleaner anymore, but I don't think the registry cleaner is run by default, unless this has changed.

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