Best printer to use with UBUNTU operating system

charles.j, Nov 2, 1:04am
Anything HP

otako, Nov 2, 3:43am
HP printers and HPLIP drivers used to be recommended before CUPS arrived ten years ago with support for Canon and Brother in the postscript PPD package.

I don't recall many experience Linux users recommending HP in the last few years. HPLIP drivers used to be preferred for the quality of the HP letter font but now Canon PPD has equal font quality and better colour photograph quality.

A reluctance by HP to co-operate with and Cups has also led to the popularity of Canon for Linux users.

Check out the Cups main page on your Ubuntu box by starting the CUPS server and pointing your web browser to http://localhost:631 now at

I have a Brother Multifunction works no prob.

otako, Nov 2, 3:53am
To check for Cups support for any printer select the "Find Printer Drivers" at the bottom of the main page.


little_egypt, Nov 2, 4:03am
Best option I've found; take your laptop (running ubuntu) to the shop with you. If you don't have a laptop, take an ubuntu live CD and use one of their computers.

Choose a printer you like and plug it in. Wait about 30 seconds and you should see a bubble come up telling you the printer is ready and giving you the option to print a test page.

If you find a printer that isn't this easy to get working, choose another printer. There's no good reason to buy a printer that doesn't work right out of the box in Ubuntu when (in my experience) somewhere around two thirds take no effort at all.

Also if it's a multifunction, don't forget to test that you can scan too. "simple scan" is also available on the live CD for testing this.

axelvonduisberg, Nov 2, 4:31am
What ever rocks your boat.I am running a Canon Pixma 4600 on mine.

gsimpson, Nov 2, 5:47am
Brother offers good Linux support. We have a wireless multifunction that works great. Scanner and printer.

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