Preventing wireless access from laptop !

My 8 yr old has a laptop forhis school work. He needs to access internet on it for his learning.
However, while I dont mind him playing games on it, I do not want him to fall in the habit of using it all day and me constantly growling him to get off.
Is there a programme i could buy or something so that he ( or rather I) have a password to access the wireless interenet! Something rather than having to disable the wireless and enable it again everyday!


geek_mllawn, Nov 2, 3:59 pm

If the laptop has Windows 7 you can use Parental Controls. Check this out: :), Nov 2, 5:12 pm

Your wifi should already have a WPA passphrase.

Just keep that to yourself, and don't check the box to save it

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 2, 5:15 pm

OpenDNS and block games

geek_jancemord, Nov 2, 5:58 pm