Im confused - Lg P500 phone - vodafone or xt!

jojo76, Nov 1, 9:37pm
So i have seen this phone on the Telecom website, so i googled the specs.this is where i get confused.
It has gsm 850/900/1800/2100
Now the 3g is the band Vodafone use not xt.correct me if im wrong but Xt's is 850/1900
Is there 2 different phones both the P500 but one for the xt market and the other for v/phone!

ross1970, Nov 1, 9:42pm
xt is 3g 850/2100. yes, prob more than one model.

shane.w, Nov 1, 10:27pm
It'll do any company. Mines on 2Deg

puddleduck00, Nov 1, 10:37pm
I thought XT was 850/2100 *edit* just saw the above post.

vtecintegra, Nov 1, 10:46pm
Yeah two different models, same as a lot of other phones.

If its not stated its almost certainly the vodafone/2d compatible version

puddleduck00, Nov 1, 10:54pm
I had a guy come into work and yell at me because he couldn't understand that sometimes phone manufacturers release the same model for different networks/frequency band. There was a phone (can't remember the model) that was available cheaper in the Vodafone model than the XT (we sell both). He did his nut because I wouldn't let him buy the phone and try it and return it if it didn't work (it wasn't going to work). It's up to the customer to do the research before hand if they want to buy the phone and change the network - as the OP is doing.

lopsta5, Nov 1, 11:39pm
Yes they have different models for different carrers. Sometimes the xt one will have an "a" after the model number. Like my old phone was w995a for xt and the vf on was just w995. Hope that helps.

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