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julieandcasper, Jun 14, 2:51am
Xnet fusion...which phone adapter? Can someone give me some advice about which telephone adaptor to buy for xnet fusion? I've got a perfectly good router already, I just want the phone adapter. Tried to get the simplest pap2t one and the shop was out. There's also a Linksys SPA2102 supposedly.
Whats the difference between it and the Linksys PAP2T Internet Phone Adapter 1x 10Mbps Port? I wish they'd just offer to supply the damn hardware.

julieandcasper, Jun 14, 3:18am
Ok, looks like the second one is maybe also a router, which I don't need...

hazel26, Jun 14, 3:43am
As I posted in the other Xnet threadwe use the PAP2T and it works fine. Like you, we also decided to go for a VOIP adapter instead of buying an entirely VOIP capable router. Calls are crystal-clear, and we've never experienced any problems.

julieandcasper, Jun 14, 4:41am
Thanks Hazel :)

julieandcasper, Jun 14, 10:41pm
Ok, Hazel, I ordered an adapter online from Ascent. I'll get us changed over to Fusion once it arrives. :)

hazel26, Jun 14, 11:38pm
Good to hear Julie. Are you already with Xnet, or another provider? If you're with another provider - I'd suggest switching immediately, to allow for the churning time. Also, I'm not sure whether this restriction is still in place, but Telecom only allowed Xnet to churn over 10 customers per week! That was back when I signed up, hopefully thats no longer applicable. Goodluck, and enjoy! :)

julieandcasper, Jun 14, 11:42pm
No, I'm already on FS/FS and I like it a lot. Because of the usual speeds I get I don't expect any problems with a voip line. I have been getting their six o'clock lag but not as badly as some people; it should still handle the phone alright. I'm looking forward to ditching telecom, saving myself some money and getting those nifty free phone features all at the same time. :) I'll let you know how it all works out. I'm chuffed to finally be doing it after humming and hawing for this long. ;)

hazel26, Jun 14, 11:59pm
Absolutely, I love all the phone features. My favorite being the ability to load a wav file as an answering machine. Then with some added software, you can set yourself up a virtual PABX extension system. I.E. Press 1 for Julie, Press 2 for Casper, Press 3 for the Senile In-Laws hotline etc. My second favorite being the ability to block numbers from calling you, or redirecting them to a different number.

olack, Jun 15, 12:20am
Hi, I have been looking at a VoIP setup and seeing someone is pleased with their choice of hardware I will not hesitate much longer buying the hardware. But why did you chose the PAPT rather than the 4 LAN port VoIP hardware...ie, if you use more than 2 pcs in your house. We have 3 seperate pcs connected to an ADSL 4 port router and possibly will connect a 4th to the router soon.

julieandcasper, Jun 15, 1:59am
Because I run a wireless lan at home so the number of ports don't matter to me...but my current router has four in any case, none in use. And I chose my router very, very, very carefully when I bought it and as a result I get absolutely top speeds and a rock solid connection. It also has an excellent hardware firewall and is easily configurable, has regular firmware updates etc. At the time I considered a VOIP capable router but no one was offering it then! So I don't want to change my router. And this way the adapter is only a hundred bucks including shipping vs a few hundred plus and then a phone on top of that. Ten dollars less a hundy if you opt to go for an unconfigured pap2t, which usually I'd feel comfy doing but I decided to take it easy in my old age and spend the extra ten bucks.

hazel26, Jun 15, 2:12am
Re: Olack My reasoning is similar to julieandcasper's. When I purchased my modem/router, I done a lot of research on performance, and I'd now hate to get rid of something that isn't broken. Normally I'm a "One device fits all" kind of person, but this was the exception. I was happy with my current router configuration, and just needed a suitable VOIP device for compatibility - not to mention the cost effectiveness of paying for something I already had half-of. We currently run 1 wired PC via ethernet, 2 laptops via wireless, 1 Wireless desktop via USB dongle, and soon to be another desktop PC via USB dongle. The PAP2T only uses 1 ethernet port and a DC adapter, and it sits nicely ontop of my router, so the wired components are no inconvenience.

underground, Jun 15, 12:39pm
My current setup using VFX i would reccomend the SPA2102.. because it has 2 VOIP ports meaning u can have two seperate phone lines and numbers.. i currently have one set with xnet and a NZ number and i also have an account with an australian company and a sydney number where i pay 10c for unlimited untimed calling to any country. the rates are fantastic and family from sydney can call me as a local call.. its amazing. also if your computer is away from hub SPA2102 has a "bridge" so even if u have one ethernet jackpoint on the wall it can split it between the ATA and the computer (in my house my hub is in a linen cupboard) and all rooms have jackpoints.

olack, Jun 15, 1:13pm
Wow, there are people who think about it...well done, thankyou...I want to save that 25 dollars offof telecom...beneficiary and cheap buddies, well they can learn to be cheap under me...thats a funny joke...but I get to manage the internet connection here. And for standby we all have mobile telephones...I do have a brother with his wife who travel China as Christians, they missed that big earthquake in Sichuan by 660km...and they travelled to and about that area alot over the last 20 years...gee I would miss them and our chats with webcams on Skype I would. Now to extract that $90...C1 blah always has good deals...hi

julieandcasper, Jun 16, 4:25am
Check out Ascent, too. As I said I got the hundred dollar one PAP2T (included gst) but there's one a bit cheaper on their site. Also, shipping included. That's as good as any other place. Got a shipping update from them this morning, it is now in the mail. As for the other adapter, I read it's a pain to configure and I only need one phone. My husband laughed and said we don't even use the one we have. One's all we have now and that works for us fine. We have a cell for emergencies only on hand which we bought for car trips, camps, etc.

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 4:01am
Well crap got the phone adapter but they say we can't have local calls free because they have to assign us to another area and change our phone number. Doh!

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 4:01am
The bugger of it is, we rarely make long distance calls, we phone locally almost exclusively.

tracsportsbar, Jun 17, 4:16am
Is this from telecom or worldxchange?

stuw, Jun 17, 4:19am
Julie under the kiwishare communications agreement WXC will have to provide you with free local calling. Its against the law to do otherwise.

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 4:34am
Nice, I'm on the phone with them, I'll see how that goes down. ;)

stuw, Jun 17, 4:36am
This is on the own site Local calling is free to all subscribers with two lines or less

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 4:56am
The second person I talked to, (who actually had a clue) said yes of course we get free local calling even if I couldn't keep our regular number. So there we are. I'm all good to go as soon as they email me. What happens is you get a temp. number while they switch you over temporarily (up to 48 hrs) then your regular no. kicks in and at that point I call telecom and cancel all services with them. Boy, that's going to feel gooooood!

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 4:58am
Upon re-reading that wasn't very clear. What I mean is, they will email me with a new, temporary phone number to use for a couple days and after that, services will be switched over and I get my regular phone number back. And thanks for your input. :)

tracsportsbar, Jun 17, 5:02am
I find the WXC team are not all up to speed, I have had to ring about 5 times just to get my VFX service running. My setup was a little different as I wanted to keep my existing Telecom line, have xnet broardband and also have VFX with another ported Telecom number. Hopefully Ill be up and running in a couple of days :)

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 5:07am
Here's hoping. We should be easy, just the basics for us, lol. The lady I spoke to the second time around, though, was lovely and knew what she was doing. Musta got a trainee the first time around.

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 5:09am
Oh and I bought the PAP2T through Ascent via online web page. No hassles, fast, free delivery and GST included, so the bill was exactly as expected and the delivery couldn't have been faster really given I ordered it Sunday night. And the price was as good as anywhere else and cheaper than most.

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