Sony Vaio AC Adapter

My ac adapter for my laptop has just started beeping and no longer works. By looking through various threads it would seem that I need to purchase another ac adapter. I have a 19.5V VGP-AC19V42 ac adapter which I can't seem to buy in NZ. My question is; can I just buy another 19.5V ac adapter for my laptop (eg. 19.5V VGP-AC19V10) or does it have to be the exact same one!

geek_siameseika, Nov 14, 11:01 pm

Buy any adapter with the same specs.Take the faulty one into Jaycar, DSE etc.

geek_dunedin_ree, Nov 14, 11:26 pm

geek_us109, Nov 15, 1:00 am

Cheapest place I've found is on Ebay. got a couple for about $15 or $20 each.
Before you go buying one make sure the cable isn't damaged near the plug for the computer. You can probably buy a new plug and replace it for a couple of dollars

geek_kamitchell, Nov 15, 1:58 am

same voltage and same or greater amp rating is what you need.AND of course the same polarity at the plug (laptop) end is VERY important.oh and a plug the same size as well lol.

geek_drcspy, Nov 15, 3:54 am

Thanks very much for the info!

geek_siameseika, Nov 15, 5:00 pm