Hosting Server [HELP]

Hosting Server [HELP] Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows how to allow internet connections to a computer on a LAN pc

the Server pc gets internet from a Windows XP Machine using ICS.

If A server is hosted on it only lan pc's can connect tho :(

geek_jess531, Jun 14, 4:33 am

Port forwarding via the firewall if its windows firewall on the gateway (hope not) then its in allowed services in the connection properties, i think.

geek_seriouslycgi, Jun 14, 8:38 am

Dont know what you mean by allowed services in connection propertys but i found a program called port forwarder that does the trick nicely :)

Thanks for your time and effort :D

geek_jess531, Jun 14, 3:41 pm