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angelzw, Nov 19, 8:47am
Got this message on startup :-

"The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly.
Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown, data loss or possible system damage. The system will shut down in 15 seconds. To prevent shutdown and continue operation, press the Enter key now.
System Fan (90B)
Enter - Continue Startup
For more information, please visit:\go\techcenter\startup"

Running Win7 Intel Core i3 2.27Gig CPU M350 HP Pavilion dv7.

Have done the following :-

Cleaned vents with compressed air.
Replaced termal compound with Arctic Silver.
Opened (obviously) and completely cleaned out all dust.
Flashed the BIOS to the latest version.
Run the battery down and discharged.

Running RealTemp and max temp so far (under 100% load test) is 90C.

What else can I do! Fan is spinning. Spoke to some-one today who said it is not the fan or it could be a sensor. Have googled til the cows came home and cannot find a solution. Apart from everyone screaming about how s!@t HP cutomer care are.

Please can some-one help me sort this out! Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

angelzw, Nov 19, 10:25am
Anyone! Please!

drcspy, Nov 19, 4:39pm
get into the bios and change that setting.put the warning temp UP.or simply disable it.if you use coretemp or a similar monitoring program you dont need the bios telling you that info

angelzw, Nov 19, 9:01pm
DRCPY, the bios has no options that I can change apart from time, boot options etc. The only fan option is to enable or disable but that's it.Bios is Insyde and from what I can gather needs to be hacked. My worry is, is the laptop running too hot anyway! If the fan i running is it cooling properly! What is the temp range that is safe for this laptop! Don't want to continue operating if it's running too warm for obvious reasons. Anything else or ideas! The odd part is this message appears on start up before the laptop is running or getting hot!

angelzw, Nov 19, 11:26pm
Am all googled out here. Bumping for ideas.

kevin16, Nov 19, 11:53pm
K, I'll go out on a limb and suggest the cpu temp sensor is faulty!
Manufacturer warranty claim i suspect!,.

pheonix, Nov 20, 12:16am
The system fan is the one in the box itself , NOT the CPU fan. Mounted on the front or rear of the system box itself. There is usually a setting in the BIOS that can turn it off. Or fix/replace the fan.

drcspy, Nov 20, 12:39am
Its a laptop ignore the advice frm phoneix. What it runnimg temp!

angelzw, Nov 20, 12:45am
K. Will probs send it in as I've nothing to swap it out for. It's a refurb fm Laptop Universe in CHCH. 3 month warranty - 2 weeks out and this error message appears.Seems the i3 M350 series max temp is 105C so 90C under 100% load isn't too bad. Just the error message on startup. Thinking faulty censor too. There are SO many unsolved threads about this very issue.

angelzw, Nov 20, 12:50am
Although I have read in many threads a faulty censor is possible tho not very common. Possibly CPU!

angelzw, Nov 20, 12:51am
Running temp is up and down. When under load using RealTemp it gets to 90C under 100% load.

drcspy, Nov 20, 12:53am
too hot.much too hot.pull it apart and check for dust blockage

angelzw, Nov 20, 1:50am
First thing I did was clean the fan assembly. Was some dust but nothing major. All clean now. Fan does seem a little tight when I turn with my finger. No noise at all though. Is it possible the fan is not running fast enough! As in it's a bit stuffed and not spinning at the correct speed!

drcspy, Nov 20, 1:53am
Fan shld spin VERY freely. Fix it with new 1 if tight. It stops u cld fry cpu

angelzw, Nov 20, 2:00am
Will get a new one tomorrow. Fit it and see. Fan def does not pin freely. Bit tightWhere in CHCH can I walk in and buy a fan for the laptop! Don't dlea much face to face - do most buying online.

drcspy, Nov 20, 2:08am
errrrrrrrr.could be difficult have to get your fingers on the phone .try a comp repair shop

angelzw, Nov 20, 2:20am
Yeah. Tried calling 3 on Sat who state "open for business on Sat" on websites and got no answer and ended up calling a pc repair place in AKL instead. Am heading in to town (don't live in CHCH). Have whipped the fan out. Will take it with me.

drcspy, Nov 20, 2:20am
that's a pretty new machine and the fan should NOT have failed already !

drcspy, Nov 20, 2:21am
spun with finger fan should turn very freely .no 'lumpyness'

angelzw, Nov 20, 2:25am
It is smooth just quite stiff. Does not keep going when spun with finger.

angelzw, Nov 20, 2:27am
DRCSPY, it's a refurb sale from Laptop Universe with 3 month part warranty.

angelzw, Nov 20, 3:26am
Righto, took the fan apart and lubed it. Problemo gone! Speedfan is now running at a cool 45C. No error message. Laptop is cool to the touch. Is this a fix or temporary! Do I need to replace the fan!

drcspy, Nov 20, 3:30am
Good effort. Still get a new one better keep eye on temps for now tho

angelzw, Nov 20, 3:48am
Shall keep my eye on it. If it proceeds to deteriorate I'll splash out on a new fan.

kevin16, Nov 20, 11:53pm
K, I'll go out on a limb and suggest the cpu temp sensor is faulty!
swap it out to test if you've got a spare cpu,.
Manufacturer warranty claim i suspect!,.

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