and mouse please. I would like to buy one of these off trade me but I'm not very computer savvy at all so is there anything I should be checking or asking about as I'm looking at a microsoft one at the mo. I know this may seem a dumb question but I guess i didn't think about it but do they all require batteries to operate! Thanks for any help given

geek_cherie110, Nov 20, 2:18 pm

dont do it - you'll forever be buying battieries for both of them and depending what you do on the comp the battery's wont last all that long

geek_kiwiboy111, Nov 20, 2:36 pm

Not to mention lag.

geek_lythande1, Nov 20, 2:45 pm

I agree. Having used the mouse only. What a pain!

geek_wendalls, Nov 20, 2:48 pm

oh rubbish.I have a logitech 305m and the batteries last nearly a year for ONE battery.

geek_drcspy, Nov 20, 3:09 pm

Have to agree though our PC gets a lot of use so it would be once every 6 months that we have to change replace the battery.

geek_linmc, Nov 20, 3:12 pm

I don't think every 6 months is too bad, what sort of batteries do they take!

geek_cherie110, Nov 20, 5:56 pm

DEPENDS but mine AA

geek_drcspy, Nov 20, 6:27 pm

I brought an MK520 for work, seemed to be pretty nice setup at not a bad price point. I have the transmitter sitting about 3 meters away from the mouse/keyboard and there is no lag.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Nov 20, 6:43 pm

get a logitec one they are fantastic. i got my mum a keyboard/mouse combo and it is faultless no lag great to use. i think it was the MK320 combo.batteries havent been changed in over a year despite daily use.

geek_fordcrzy, Nov 20, 7:02 pm

use rechargeable batteries, buy two sets so there's always a charged set ready to go - no problem. used a wireless mouse for years with my laptop (hate laptop mousepads) - no lag at all

geek_bluecambridge, Nov 20, 7:04 pm

Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse, 2 AA cells which last at least two years, best mouse I have ever owned.

geek_cjdnzl, Nov 20, 8:36 pm

I've been using the MK710 for about a year now, I use the PC for gaming and it gets a lot of use. There's no noticeable response lag nor have I had to replace the batteries - this model is supposed to have a 3 year battery life expectation.

geek_ropes2, Nov 20, 8:50 pm

I'm getting ones that take AA rechargables. had one ages ago and wore it out after 4 years use.

geek_kiwikidd77, Nov 20, 8:53 pm

if it takes AA batteries it will take AA rechargable batteries

geek_bluecambridge, Nov 20, 9:01 pm

Things will have improved. With my first ever computer & no knowledge, bought everything the PC Co suggested, including wireless keyboard & mouse. That was 2001. Keyboard was fine, but to have the mouse battery die when you are almost there. So many times. I'm sure it has improved, but like Norton, which was also in the package, I'm not going back.

geek_richard112, Nov 20, 9:01 pm

and mouse please. I would like to buy one of these off trade me but I'm not very computer savvy at all so is there anything I should be checking or asking about. It seems from what i can gather that Logitech is the way to go but there seems to be different ones to choose from (MK250, MK520, MK550) etc so any help would be great appreciated thanks

geek_cherie110, Nov 21, 2:18 pm