Brother MFC-210C Printer

eurika, Nov 23, 4:18am
Went to do a printout today and the printer went through it's usual routine of cleaning etc the stopped with the following message "Unable to clean, see Troubleshooting and routine maintenance in user guide etc etc.
Have followed all that it recommends but still the same message.
Any suggestions Please or is it now a pile of junk!

sunshine60, Nov 23, 4:27am
Was there paper in it!

eurika, Nov 23, 4:35am
No, nothing at all. Have removed and reinserted ink cartridges, taken back cover off, removed paper and paper tray and replaced them. Unplugged power for up to 1 hour to clear memory etc but still the same old same old. Could be tip material. :-(. been a good 3 in 1 printer untill now ecept it sure acts like a cat by cleaning itself all the time. a bit heavy on ink

kevin16, Nov 23, 4:48am
Go into maintenace mode by pressing ( Menu * 2 8 6 4 ) within 2 seconds. You should be in the maintenance mode now. Press 80 and scroll down to purge count, if the figure is more than 6000, press 2 7 8 3 to reset the purge count. The printer will restart and everything normal.

eurika, Nov 23, 6:10am
That worked a treat thanks kevin.
I will have to add you to my list of great helpers

rpvr, Nov 23, 9:13pm
Now you tell me. I had this problem a year or so ago and ended up selling the printer for $5 to someone that just wanted the almost full cartridges.

kevin16, Nov 23, 9:21pm
lol,. sorry, I had to dig with google but the info was there,.

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