Advice re handicam software vs external disc drive

spotx101, Nov 27, 1:47am
Hi all. I have a handicam, Panasonic SDR-H101 and an HP Mini netbook. Question - What sort of external drive would you recomend so i can install software that came with camera. Havn't checked to see if i could download external drive, read/write would come in handy regardless. Would i be better off downloading some other software to play and edit my video footage, file type .avi.Any recomendations! All your thoughts appreciated. Cheers.

drcspy, Nov 27, 2:04am
you cant install ANY software onto ANY external drive.Software (UNLESS it's "portable') HAS to be installed into windows


do you mean you need a drive to use to run the install cd on your netbook !
just get a friends pc stuff in a usb key copy the cd onto it then use that to install your softwre

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