XP 32bit to 64bit

XP 32bit to 64bit Can i upgrade to XP 64bit? Or do i have to do a clean install?

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 9:53 pm

Think not "How do i" Think "Do i need to", in the end it would pay off to dual boot for certain programs or event he odd game that wont work with 64 bit...

geek_mairehau, Jun 14, 9:56 pm

OkAt this stage i don't know anything about 64 bit XP or that some programs wont work with 64 bit.Where would i get more info please ?IE does photoshop work with 64 bit?

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:01 pm

What do you need 64bit XP for? I'd only use it if I needed more than 2GB of RAM.

geek_puddleduck00, Jun 14, 10:05 pm

64 bit - http://is.gd/xgR

geek_0800xford, Jun 14, 10:06 pm

Rei Do have 4GB of ram and 0800 where is that url please ?

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:07 pm

Go with the suggestion from assuming your hardware supports it.
You'll probably find that some programs you have installed on your 32 bit o longer works.64 bit technology's been out for a while but the game/software makers don't always care about 64 bit yet.

geek_nick29, Jun 14, 10:07 pm

The ugly version http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/64bit/default.mspx?wt_svl=20395a&mg_id=20395b

geek_0800xford, Jun 14, 10:08 pm

Nick thankyou for your info and my hardware will support it.i have a an Asus P5KC motherboard

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:08 pm

And thankyou 0800

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:12 pm

cool, xp 64 bit .ISO in the mail to po box ha ha :p

geek_0800xford, Jun 14, 10:14 pm

0800 i will install the 64 bit version on a spare hard disk first

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:18 pm

Reoh i allready have the iso,only took a few minutes to download it.POB is no 22 wide glen post thanks

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:20 pm

eh? i'm sure that's not what i meant :p

geek_0800xford, Jun 14, 10:21 pm

0800 i was just being smart as i didn't know what you meant

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:23 pm

ReI allready have a spare 80GB hard disk in the case,is unplugged at the moment but i will make sure the others are unplugged so is no mix up or loss of data

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:25 pm

right ha ha :p

geek_0800xford, Jun 14, 10:26 pm

Rei once installed xp on my D drive and lost all data so since then i have unplugged any other drives

geek_peepme, Jun 14, 10:33 pm

Just make sure your H/W has drivers for 64bit, Check your main programs that you use are 64bit supported. I run it on a system at the shop. Very stable and plays most games

geek_swivel, Jun 15, 3:23 pm

U got a x64 cpu? xp64 runs fine. Hardware Drivers, the lack of, is a big issue. XP64 is worse than vista 64 for those.

geek_andywatts, Jun 16, 5:18 pm

ReI had two missing motherboard drivers but that might have been my fault.It was just an exercise anyway BUT if evertything had installed ok,i would have gone over to XP64 bit

geek_peepme, Jun 16, 5:37 pm