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cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 4:47am
Ok i have a pci:e video card, have a new computer that was supposed to have a Pci express slot but it doesnt, my problem is that the pins on the monitor cable with my lcd monitor wont go into anywhere in this new computer, so i can plug it in without the video card, im guessing to plug it into the standard serial slot for crt monitor i would need some kind of adapter! what is this called! thanks

swivel, Nov 28, 4:54am
dvi to vga !

cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 5:00am
na dont think so, just searched for it and the pins in the monitor cable as to sets of 4 pins seperated then one pin so it woul have to go into a female plug!

drcspy, Nov 28, 5:05am
"Serial slot" for vga !

cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 5:14am
this auction is was what the end of the cable for the monitor looks like 425793232

drcspy, Nov 28, 5:19am
If the comp has the standard 15 pin vga port then you only need an adaptor plug. If it doesnt you need a video card as the comp lacks one

swivel, Nov 28, 5:32am
wow. thats a dvi to vga

drcspy, Nov 28, 5:34am
yes.does the comp have a vga port !

flick13, Nov 28, 7:31am
You need to give us more info.
Does your computer have a video output or not!
It will either be VGA or DVI (or a long shot - HDMI)

If it doesn't then you need to install a graphics card.

No adapter of any kind is going to help you if you don't have a video output.

cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 9:08am
ok it has the port on the motherboard for standard crt monitor, that's VGA right!, i have a graphics card was told the computer i bought would have a pci:e slot and it doesn't so my graphics card that the cable did go into doesn't work on the slot on the motherboard, hope this makes sense. thanks

little_egypt, Nov 28, 10:11am
So you have no video card.

You need a video card.

little_egypt, Nov 28, 10:26am
If your monitor has a VGA input (same plug as the blue one on your computer) then you need a VGA to VGA cable.

If your monitor doesn't have a VGA input, you cannot get an adaptor that goes from VGA to the monitor you have. You will need a video card.

swivel, Nov 28, 10:29am
No, Please read, they have a VGA port, So they need a DVI to VGA (hang on, i've said that twice to the OP) and yet i'm ignored

little_egypt, Nov 28, 10:42am
Apparently their computer has a VGA port, and their monitor uses DVI

You can't get a VGA to DVI 'adapter'

vtecintegra, Nov 28, 11:33am
A new system will probably have an HDMI port though which can be converted to DVI

flick13, Nov 28, 5:39pm
Since when! I've sold hundreds of them over the years, and VGA-DVI cables.
DVI has both analogue and DVI capability.
As long as the DVI input on the monitor is DVI-I (analogue and digital) - then it is very simple.

cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 7:33pm
the dvi cable is the one i put in my message above, why is it then that my other lcd monitor has a normal vga cable

drcspy, Nov 28, 7:38pm
eh !

drcspy, Nov 28, 7:40pm
far out

you've been told

two choices

either get an adaptor (someone linked to one earlier)
or get a vid card that has the DVI output

what more do you need !

cyberwolf1, Nov 28, 7:48pm
oh really drcspy maybe you cant read! where is the link to the adaptor! the only links on here is the ones i have put up and the one you put up earlier which isnt what i need!there is some confusion to what cable i need, hence my trying to clear that up so i can get the CORRECT cable,

drcspy, Nov 28, 7:53pm
what's that then !

drcspy, Nov 28, 8:02pm
ohhhhh.naughty !

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cptdarling, Nov 28, 8:04pm
you have the correct cable,you just need an adaptor,like the one you linked to.I hope youre not trying to plug your monitor into a serial or gaming port.Your MB must have a blue plug which you had youre other monitor plugged into!

drcspy, Nov 28, 8:06pm
you might as well not bother they've had their membership disabled.

drcspy, Nov 28, 8:07pm
which means they cant even read the messageboard

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