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gdnshack, Nov 28, 8:39am
Have just filled a colour cartridge with some ink I bought offa large volume seller on TM.Was a bit of a mission drilling the holes etc but I got the ink in.Its a basic Canon cartridge and has the 3 colours etc.Anyway I had no hassles with the printer working with it etc, but I found that the colours are not as good as the original Canon Ink that costs a small fortune.The greens in this refillable ink have a browny tinge to them.Anyway I wanted to give it a try and it was an interesting exercise, but has anyone else noticed this with the colours!Perhaps there is better quality ink out there, but it all seems to come from China.

hakatere1, Nov 28, 6:33pm 2nd link. Economy, quality, service, won't get better.

rpvr, Nov 28, 6:39pm
Never tried refilling cartridges, but I have used many brands of non-genuine cartridges and never had a problem with any of them, either with operation or quality of colour. Incidentally, does anyone know why Dick Smith has stopped selling their own brand! I always found them reasonably priced and with good colour. I asked them but they are rather cagey about the reason. I suspect warranty issues.

drcspy, Nov 28, 6:47pm
I have refilled my carts for years and years.dont recall buying a new cart since before my wedding over 7 years ago.

I use any ink - currently got some CISS refill ink for an epson runningthru my brother printer - works perfectly.colours are fine.if you want cheap in buy the CISS stuff it's only about $15 per 100m/l I think.DON'T install a ciss.

hakatere1, Nov 28, 7:13pm
What do you seal the fill hole with doc and do you use syringe or straight out of bottle!

drcspy, Nov 28, 7:32pm
ah on my old canon (now defunct) i'd seal the hole with some 'rtv - silicone' from a tube.y'know gasket wonders just put a dab on the hole then use a WET finger to smooth it over.

drcspy, Nov 28, 7:33pm
and a syringe is kinda necessary as the fill holes are very small but I picked up some syringes long ago from some fill'er'up kit I bought at soem stage.

hakatere1, Nov 28, 7:44pm
Ta. I guess sealing my Canon ones would be a necessity as they really scream up and down the rail and ink would go everywhere.

gdnshack, Nov 28, 9:14pm
Thanks for that.I will use this ink up first, it will be alright for basic stuff but not for photos.

gdnshack, Nov 28, 9:15pm
There was nothing in the kit I bought, so I cut up a sticky label and sealed up the holes.The syringes worked OK as well.

gdnshack, Nov 28, 9:19pm
Can you keep using the same cartridge over and over!They seem to be bullet proof because it took forever to drill out the holes with the drill that came with the kit. Next time it will be an electric drill!Also I've got an older colour cartridge that ran out a few months back and I left it in the machine for ages.Just wonder if the printer heads would be stuffed on that!

drsr, Nov 28, 9:35pm
It depends on the type of cartridge but for my Canon CLI521s I use this method which doesn't require resealing because the syringe goes through the bottom of the sponge where there is no free-flowing ink:!ID=1830&t=refill_canon_pixma_cli_8_und_pgi_5_cartridges

waynenz, Nov 29, 1:06am
Why not install a CISS! I have had one for the last 2 years and had no trouble with it.

hakatere1, Nov 29, 2:15am
Had a ciss on my Canon ip4500. It came with it's own set of carts, but I had to take the chips off mine and attach them to the ciss ones. That was a mission in itself. In the end, used double sided tape. After about a week, a black one stopped printing, so checked ink chamber and it was empty, so, following instructions, I pumped it through under pressure with syringe and used printer for a while and it ran out again. So pumped more through and then discovered there was ink flooding my printer and cabinet and as it was on the top shelf, the bastard had run right down to the floor and my printer didn't go any more. So I got all the ciss gear and threw it in the drum, bottles of ink and all. There's no way I would use ciss again until they make vast improvements.

gdnshack, Nov 29, 9:06pm
Still having no luck with this refill ink.I did a printout of the nozzle check and it didn't look too good so did the "deep clean" twice, but the lines that go down the side that say CCMMYY are not the right colours and the pink bars have some lines missingand on the last deep clean have traces of blue in them.

gdnshack, Nov 29, 11:32pm
Just been talking to the people I bought the printer off and apparently this problem is quite common.The guy told me that the best way to refill cartridges is BEFORE they completely run out (these are the ones with the 3 colours combined), because the sponge can dry out etc.I think I also had the problem with leakage into the ink tanks because the pink and blue were mixed up together in the nozzle check printout.So it's back to the drawing board for me.Lol.Will have to buy a new one and then try it again.This shop also sells the refill kits but they don't push them because a lot of people just walk away when they see what is involved with filling them.

crzyhrse, Nov 30, 7:52pm
I concur.

gdnshack, Nov 30, 8:42pm
Inkvenus don't seem to supply ink, just carts, and they want $35.99 for a Canon cart.I bought a new one on special for $30.00 recently.Cartridge world want $22.00 but you have to give them your old one as well.I would rather try the ink.

crzyhrse, Dec 1, 7:03am
I always research the cost of ink for any printer I buy before I buy it. My Epson R230 costs about $55 for two complete sets aftermarket - 'genuine' is around $20 each cartridge and there are 6.

crzyhrse, Dec 1, 7:04am
What model is the printer!

gdnshack, Dec 1, 7:09am

gdnshack, Dec 1, 7:12am
I have to say that I don't have any problem with the genuine black ink, it just goes on forever and I use that all the time for printing stuff.As long as it is set to "greyscale" and "fast or draft" it doesn't use up very much and is still quite dark on the paper.I wouldlike the colour for printing out the odd photo though.

crzyhrse, Dec 1, 11:05am
If you're printing mostly black and greyscale just go laser.!action=show_products&part=37259

hakatere1, Dec 1, 5:04pm
Huh! I just recently got a whole set of 5 for $40.98 Generic of course, but exactly the same quality as Canon, which he also sells and at which you were probably looking.

drcspy, Dec 1, 5:59pm
I would say for the four bottles of the ciss ink I have which cost the person $50 who originally purchased them (they were given to me) .that I will get about 3 years printing out of them (easily).I don't print a lot but even if I did they'd last a LONG time.Why people go and pay $30 for ONE cart I just don't understand.Brother is my current printer, the carts are pretty easy to fill, takes me about two minutes each

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