Printer ink cartridges

trevman1, Nov 28, 9:57am
Has anyone else out there been banned from kingink's auctions for asking him about the capacity and quality of his cartriges!

gdnshack, Nov 28, 10:09am
They are quite expensive - just looking at the ones he's selling for my Canon printer anyway.

dark_tower, Nov 28, 10:16am
Ink is the biggest rip off ever.

hakatere1, Nov 28, 6:22pm
inkvenus was about the best and cheapest on here, but he doesn't do tm now. Still got an active site though.

bowla3, Nov 29, 1:26am
Am I allowed to give you lucky people the email address of a new supplier based in my home town! without getting growled at by the moderaters.
Good price.
It's not me! but I know one of the persons involved.

bowla3, Nov 29, 1:49am
Have just read the rules.
Sorry I can't let you in on some real good prices. Like
Compatible Brother LC 47 Black 5.80
Compatible Brother LC 47 Cyan 5.80
Compatible Brother LC 47 Magenta 5.80
Compatible Brother LC 47 Yellow 5.80

bryshaw, Nov 29, 3:05am
About 10c worth in a $60 cartridge.

shane.64, Nov 29, 4:54am
I got a Epsom on sell $48 .But to buy new ink at $19.95 each cost $80.00.So I just bought another printer for $48 comes with ink.But I just can't see any scents putting the other printer in the rubbish.Some inks cost the same as the new printer and the inks come free with it.They hope you only buy one cartridge at a time.Who are they trying to trick !

bowla3, Nov 29, 5:03am
Kaipara Konnections is a great online news service.

newbie5, Nov 29, 6:44am
If they are on TM you could post an auction number

newbie5, Nov 29, 6:50am
Got it thanks bowla

thewomble1, Nov 29, 8:36am
buy a set of refillable cartridges and some ink. works out about $2 to fill each time.

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