IPHONE 3G Repair

ryanp1305, Nov 28, 11:56pm
Ive cracked my screen on my iphone 3g. But everything still works fine on it. Its just hard to see the screen due to the big cracks going threw the screen. It still recognises my tounching it and everything. I was just wondering if anyone knows weather i will need to replace just the glass or the digitizer to! thanks if anyone can help.

pyro_sniper2002, Nov 29, 12:41am
Pretty sure it's just the glass on the 3G not the digitizer.

lyndon.craw, Dec 1, 12:07am

gj0502, Dec 1, 3:47am
type in cellcity in the search bar, great company and cheap. and no I do not work for them.

directorylist, Dec 1, 4:58am

Free shipping and everything you could need to repair an iphone 3g (or most other models) except the midplane logic board

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