Ennalana, was just reading your advice in my

rosie39, Nov 29, 8:58am
Emnalana.was just reading your advice and went to follow it from my thread about my laptop having the internet disabled, went into the control panel and then device manager, there is a yellow ! beside my Atheros wifi adapter, i disabled it, then enabled it, but no luck, are you sure it will reinstall if i uninstall! I haven't done that as yet. Thanks.

rosie39, Nov 29, 8:59am
Oops sorry, Emnalana, not Ennalana!

dunedin_ree, Nov 29, 9:05am
Go back to the thread that you're referring to and ask there.

rosie39, Nov 29, 9:10am
I was just trying to get the person in question, attention.I did do it, but its reinstalled with the same problem anyway.

jhan, Nov 29, 9:30am
Rosie, you could plug the laptop in using a cable to your modem and then update the driver for your wifi adapter over the internet. Also, search google for other people who have had the same problem using your laptops offical name and number as keywords plus the words Atheros wifi adapter. Hopefully, other people have found a fix.

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