Galaxy Tab 10. Is it 3g capable!

I see ipad comes in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3g capable. The 16g Wi-Fi + 3G retails at$998 and the Galaxy 10 at $750 but if it is not 3g then I presume you need to be near a WiFi hot spot to have it do anything useful!

geek_mikenel, Dec 1, 3:26 pm

There's a 3G version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 available, around $800+ for the 16G version.

geek_drsr, Dec 1, 4:09 pm

Be aware there are two versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the regular 10.1 and the 10.1v

The 10.1v is essentially the old one, its thicker and heavier pretty much an iPad 1 competitor. The 10.1 is much slimer and lightweight - in line with the iPad 2 and also has a bit faster CPU than the 10.1v. Worse camera though but who uses that on a tablet!

Both versions come with or without 3G

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 1, 4:27 pm

vtecintegra how would you tell which is which when looking online if they don't mention the 10.1 as opposed to 10.1v!

geek_mikenel, Dec 9, 7:19 pm

If they don't mention that its a 10.1v then you can be pretty much certain it is a standard 10.1.

geek_bm.taylor, Dec 9, 8:21 pm

I don't know about that - the V is generally considered the worse version.

You can tell easily by looking at a picture of the back, on the V its curved and textured on the non-V its smooth and flat
10.1v - 10.1 -

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 9, 8:44 pm

Vtec thanks for that. Is the 3g version available in NZ! All the ones I find in NZ online seem to be Wifi but not 3g.

geek_mikenel, Dec 10, 7:36 am

You know how when you never heard of a certain car and then you do how every second one on the road is that type of car well since I asked the above question I have found countless places selling the 3g model so please ignore that question now. Cheers.

geek_mikenel, Dec 10, 9:53 am