alessia, Dec 1, 8:13pm
My HP Printer shows offline when the window opens. This has only started. I have a Toshiba Laptop Computor. I am an elderly user and not very electronically proficient so would appreciate help in laymans terms.Its a humbug not being able to print out material.

crzyhrse, Dec 1, 8:53pm
You just need to deselect USE PRINTER OFFLINE in the PRINTER menu of the specific printer.

Windows version!

lilyfield, Dec 1, 10:56pm
mine does the same thingI have to uinstall and let it find new driver All the time. Its the bl. HP . No setting will fix it.

crzyhrse, Dec 2, 8:59pm
Obviously wasn't important enough for the OP to come back and thank anyone who offered their time to assist. They can go on my "don't bother helping that prat" list.

alessia, Dec 2, 9:33pm
So sorry cryhrse that I upset you. I have been laid up inbed having hurt my back and could hardly walk hence I could not get tomy Computor. I am not an unappreciative person and certainly not quick to criticize like you can.
Many Thanks to lilyfield for your comments.

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