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kam04, Dec 1, 9:45pm
I have a Brother DCP - 165Ccolour inkjetmultifunction printer.
Over the last couple of days it has developed a problem when it starts to print or after a couple of pages. A message comes up in the display telling me 'Low temperature let the printer warm up to room temperature' and stops printing, sometimes halfway through a document. . When the message come up the first time I left it for about an hour or so but the message was still there. I unplugged the power to it, left it for about 20mins - re instated the power and it printed ok but after a while the same message kept coming up. It is still coming up today. I've had it for about 3-4 yrs and haven't had this problem before, even in the winter. The printer is on all the time and is never switched off. Is it worth getting someone to look at it, it only cost me $80, a special at DS or maybe someone here can tell me how to solve the problem, thanks.

hakatere1, Dec 1, 9:50pm
I googled "Low temperature let the printer warm up to room temperature" and got 1,290,000 results, so you are not alone. But you should find something there. Maybe even at

kam04, Dec 4, 1:12am
Thanks, will give that a go

drcspy, Dec 4, 1:37am
it is NOT 'worth gettign someone to look at it' printers are throwaway items these days.why would you even consider paying someone to fix an older $80 printer.I have the exact same model and if it played up i'd google it first then I'd throw the bloody thing out.

pay to fix it !


kam04, Dec 5, 4:26am
I agree re repairing BUT sometimes there can be a quick simple solution and by chance by asking on here someone may have had the same problem and found a solution or someone who knows about printers may have come up with an answer without having to hiff the thing out. Don't have a problem replacing it but why if you don't have to. Thanks for your comments anyway, lol.

boots0016, Dec 5, 10:47am
Old printers and even computers now days are a bit like biro pens,,,,,,,, when they crap out biff them

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