Is this Acer 20inch screen worth getting!

shaun16, Dec 2, 1:37am
the price looks good, but acer is a fairly cheap/crud brand. i wouldnt buy it

r.g.nixon, Dec 2, 2:38am
It is probably OK, as someone else would have made the panel.

thegilly, Dec 2, 3:15am
I'd want to double check the specs, since the seller gives two (slightly) different max resolutions.

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 2, 3:43am
We have just taken out a pile of Acer 15" LCD's here at work that would be 6 years old, pretty low failure rate. I'd say it will be fine.

.pc2u., Dec 2, 10:10pm
acer are fine for what you pay for them ,ive only had one fail over there years

ruderger, Dec 2, 10:29pm
we have lots at work that just won't turn on sometimes, got to reconnect power cable and turn power switch at back off\on. You should be able to find one for not much more that does full HD 1920*1080 incase you even need .

nobles, Dec 2, 10:54pm
For $150.00 you can get a 21.5" LED widescreen LG 1920x1080 LG monitor at QMB computers.

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