Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter

julieandcasper, Dec 4, 6:45am
Anyone using this in any constructive way! I just disabled it in case it is the thing causing my wifi to disconnect (laptop thinks the wifi card is turned off) Has only happened twice but required a restart to "turn on" the missing wifi card in both cases.

drcspy, Dec 4, 7:00am
.i'ts more likely the powersettings for the wifi card (and the same for your lan card) in the devicemanager/properties of that card.laptops in particular have the setting by default."allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".just change it

julieandcasper, Dec 4, 7:03am
Ya, done that already, always the first thing I do on a new computer.also put roaming to lowest and transmit to highest. Thanks for the suggestion though.

julieandcasper, Dec 11, 5:44pm
As an update for anyone searching in the future; since disabling this (right click icon, choose disable in "change adapter settings" under "Network and Sharing Center") I haven't had a recurrence of the problem. This is not definite proof it was the issue of course but since I haven't changed anything else it's highly likely.

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