Where to buy cheap gaming PC

mitsiboy69, Dec 5, 6:28am
I want a gaming PC to play iracing and maybe a few other games. I have found xpcomputers.co.nz which offer some good deals. Also trademe has some good systems. Are there any other sites I should look at! My budget is around $1000 and I need at least 1g graphics card and dual core CPU.

pkm66, Dec 5, 7:05am
A 6 year old pentium 4 will play iRacing according to their site, what other games!

mitsiboy69, Dec 5, 7:08am
Yea but to play the game at full graphics you need a really decent setup. I might play BF3, f1 2011 etc

roseib, Dec 5, 7:16am
it all depends on how well you want to run those games really, ie when i play bf3 on max gfx it is mainly down to gfx card and processing/ram. if you are happy with medium to high settings then you can get away with a lower spec'd machine, cheapest way is generally to build it yourself. also take into account a monitor, that will cut into your price if you dont have one already. 1k sounds good for a mid range gaming box, could easily make one for you with that price

pkm66, Dec 5, 7:23am
See, A BF3 rig on Medium is entirely different to original post !

Id probably just go for a cheap and cheerful AMD quad and whatever video card you decide on.

mitsiboy69, Dec 5, 7:59am
Yea I'm looking at a system with an AMD Quad core processor and a Powercolor HD5570 2 GIG video card. It's so confusing comparing all the video cards, all the naming systems are mucked up. And why are some 1 gig cards way better than the card I have just mentioned. I would have thought a 2 GIG card would be very good.

mike_187, Dec 5, 8:02am
I recommend www.computerlounge.co.nz

Sign up to the message board and post a topic in PC Build Help for a quote.

volkier, Dec 5, 8:18am

michael.benn, Dec 5, 10:00am
I would recommend building it yourself - it's not that hard. Go for an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black edition, can then either get a high end mobo like the 990fxa ud3 from gigabyte or get a low spec mobo that just supports the one gpu. No future proofing but cheaper.

Don't waste your time with a 5570. Not even close to being a gaming card, unless you're talking solitaire. Look at either a 6770 (quite cheap) , a 6870 or if you can drop that little bit more a 6950. Brand doesn't matter all that much for the graphics card, but I do recommend xfx.

michael.benn, Dec 5, 10:04am
Also, something you need to remember is that with graphics cards, the vram (1GB, 512mb etc etc) doesn't matter as much as the model itself. More ram in a gpu does not make it better. Example, a 256 mb 7800Gt is better than a 1GB 8400gs.

suicidemonkey, Dec 5, 7:35pm
For the most part you can ignore the amount of memory. It has very little to do with how good the video card is, as some low end cards have 2GB of memory which is ridiculous. The GPU and memory clock speed is better to go by.

lostdude, Dec 5, 9:39pm
The only time more graphics memory is needed is in multi-display setups.

mitsiboy69, Dec 6, 3:58am
What is a good site to buy all the components from if I were to build it myself!

atersatan, Dec 6, 4:18am
PBTech always has good prices

lugee, Dec 6, 5:09am

I would use Playtech or Ascent

volkier, Dec 6, 8:18am

"Rough" comparison / ranking of the cards.

I wouldn't recommend the 5570 though - even without looking at that. Very much a 'low spec' card nowadays. You can get yourself much much better within your budget.

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