Advice on removing search engine redirection.

pinkystinky, Dec 5, 10:48am
Whenever we go into Google to search for something & click on it we sometimes get redirected to another site ! Bloody annoying, any advice how to rid our computer of this annoying 'virus' will be helpful.

boots0016, Dec 5, 10:51am
Download Malwarebytes, update and run it

boots0016, Dec 5, 10:52am
Then post back here for more info

boots0016, Dec 5, 10:54am

kevin16, Dec 5, 11:00am
good call,.

pinkystinky, Dec 5, 11:35am
Have downloaded and run quick scan, found 4 virus, 1 malware

pinkystinky, Dec 5, 11:39am
And Pum.Bad.Proxy

hakatere1, Dec 5, 6:28pm
You deleted them right! If you deleted them, you should be clear.What sort of av are you running!

pinkystinky, Dec 6, 12:15am
Running microsoft security

pinkystinky, Dec 6, 7:05am
Downloaded the above anti-malware scan, ran it got rid of viruses but the redirection one is still there !

drcspy, Dec 6, 7:18am
get "Hijackthis" run the scan, save the log file then goto and paste the logfile into the box then clik analyise.then look down the list and anything with a red X go back to the hijack this program and tick that listing then when you've finished clik 'fix checked'.

boots0016, Dec 6, 7:57am
Drcspy: hijackthis is good, but its not for the novice user, best used with help or the result can be a real problem

drcspy, Dec 6, 9:21am
not if he follows my instructions.

you dont need to know bugger all about hjt to use it by pasteing the log into that site it tells you waht to remove

boots0016, Dec 6, 9:25am
Just be aware of the false positives D

pinkystinky, Dec 7, 8:05am
Thanks for advice people, we have moved back to AVG and all is well again !

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