Advice on Kindle

Thinking of getting a kindle, but looks like only two models available in NZ, basic model and 3g model with keyboard. Not keen on the basic model, but think 3G keyboard may be a bit over the top. Was thinking about middle kindle basic with 3g. Any thoughts on this.
Also is 3g version supported in NZ or is it 3g only in USA. Bit confused, and cant seem to get any info from Amazon website.

geek_geordieboy1, Dec 7, 12:39 am

we bought ours from states 3g wifi,its great so simple to use takes less than a min to download new books,where ever there is cell coverage your Kindle will work,would say buy a cover for it,you can also share books with other Kindle users,its great

geek_yldred, Dec 7, 9:31 am

3G coverage is via vodafone so if you have coverage you can download direct to kindle.

geek_sloth5, Dec 7, 10:06 am

Check out the Books MB, just type in kindle as a key word in the search box and select last year, lots of kindle threads there, which could help you in your decision. And yes the 3G model works in NZ.

geek_dragon500, Dec 7, 10:28 am

Thanks for the info. Another query, if I got a kindle from Amazon US do you have any problems with connection leads, charging or voltage issues in NZ.

geek_geordieboy1, Dec 7, 11:03 am

From what I have read on the other threads, you don't get a power adaptor, you just get the usb cable to charge the kindle via the computer. But you can also add a power adaptor for Australia/NZ(currently US$9.99 via Amazon)

geek_dragon500, Dec 7, 12:08 pm

Have a look at the sony one, which is touch screen, and also plays audio files, and is well priced. It will also play all books including those you borrow from the library. I don;t believe the kindle will allow you to borrow books yet from libraries.
The 3g on the kindle should work in nz. But all it really does is allow you to download books from the amazon store, which you have to buy. You can do that with wifi on the sony.

geek_mattnzw, Dec 7, 12:22 pm

Dragon500. Sorry Books MB ! cant seem to find it. Thanks

geek_geordieboy1, Dec 7, 12:42 pm

Theres over 800.000 books at present on amazon,dont bother with charger you can get one from warehouse that fits into usb for $7,took 8days to get here,from states you can also play audi files on Kindle3has headphone jack would surgest Kindle 3 Wifi 3g beleave its around $189 us

geek_yldred, Dec 7, 1:13 pm

Seems to be getting complicated. Would like to get Kindle 3g touch, but they dont seem to beavailable. Have been advised to get Kindle4 but I think Dick Smith and amazon are only selling Kindle3 and only basic kindle wi-fi or kindle wifi and 3g with keyboard. Any major difference between kindle 3 and kindle4. Decisions, decisions.

geek_geordieboy1, Dec 9, 12:53 am

I got the basic kindle wi fi form dick smiths when they got them I love it, I didnt bother with the 3g as you can down load books form home on wi fi before you go any where,I buy 3 or 4 books at a time, I also got the cover with the light and highly recommend that

geek_venbar, Dec 9, 10:55 am

If you want touch screen, the sony provides that and I think touch screen is a must. They all use the same sort of e ink screen. The sony does a full page refresh when changing page, why some others only do a full refresh every 5 pages or so.

geek_mattnzw, Dec 9, 1:02 pm

As mattnzw said the latest Sony ereaderis a touch screen, has wifi but not 3G - this is the ereader I have and I'm really happy with it, as I didn't have a need for 3G, it takes a micro SD card to expand the memory if needed, and it plays mp3's, so I can listen to talking books in mp3 format or listen to music Looking online re the differences between the Kindle 3 and the Kindle 4 - most people seem to say the Kindle 4 is a "scaled down" version - no keyboard, no audio, ! shorter battery life and ! less on-board storage. The Kindle 3 is now referred to as the Kindle Keyboard model (both the wifi, and wifi/3G model - this is what Dick Smith are selling). It's a case of deciding what is important to you, if you want a kindle and to just read ebooks then a kindle 4 would be best, if you want 3G, then get a Kindle 3/ Keyboard 3G, if you want a touch screen then the Sony PRST1 would be the option. You can also get ebooks and audio books from the library (depending on where you live), which you can read/ listen to on the Sony, but not on a Kindle - must admit the range isn't big at present but will hopefully increase.

geek_dragon500, Dec 9, 1:26 pm

Thank you all for the advice given. Will pop into Dick Smiths and have a look to see which model will suit best.

geek_geordieboy1, Dec 9, 1:44 pm

Geordieboy1 I bought my Kindle from Amazon and is Wifi and did not buy the adaptor. You can get an adpator that your USB cable fits into so you don't have to charge on the computer. I purchased that from Dick Smith. You do have the option to purchase an adaptor when you purchase the Kindle. I think it cost $29.95. Yes buy a cover.

geek_briarview, Dec 9, 8:18 pm

I suggest you go into the Books thread and type in Kindle in the search box.
Many people have posted Kindle advice there.

I have one and my wife has one. They are fantastic.

Good luck

geek_phaedra8, Dec 10, 9:00 am

If I was getting a kindle brand and wanted 3g,but couldn't get the touch screen one,I would get the one with a keyboard as that plays audio books. The new one is a very cut down model, and for not that more, you can get a sony with touch screen with lot more features. 3g is no real benefit to me, as you can download over wifi, and wifi is in most places now. You can't use 3g for browsing the interent in NZ.

geek_mattnzw, Dec 10, 6:18 pm

Do you need a mobile acccount in order to use the 3g.who pays for the 3g usage!

geek_chovik, Dec 10, 8:30 pm

The 3G is free, but the only sites available using it are Amazon and Wikipedia. That's the deal Amazon have withVodaphone who supply the network.

geek_fergie2, Dec 10, 8:48 pm

Also who knows how long that will last, so it may not be 'forever'. In a way I would prefer it had a microsim slot, as the data use is minimal anyway. I had heard the US version can browse other websites.

geek_mattnzw, Dec 10, 9:28 pm

From what I have read on the other threads, you don't get a power adaptor, you just get the usb cable to charge the kindle via the computer. But you can also add a power adaptor for Australia/NZ(currently US$9.99 via Amazon).
Edited to add, not sure how much you have looked on Amazon, but only a couple of models are available to ship to NZ - you will find out whether it does or doesn't when you choose your address.

geek_dragon500, Dec 7, 12:08 pm