HP psc950 Printer - Help please

nigndids, Dec 7, 2:09am
Printer has been in storage for a couple of years while we were overseas and the cartridge carriage is stuck on the right hand side. I have tried everything short of a hammer to free it up.

Any ideas please.

HP are no help due to the age of the printer - it is an original 7 or 8 years old.

rahto, Dec 7, 2:23am
Printers are so cheap these days you can pick up good ones, even with wireless for around $150 - $200, I wouldn't waste your time taking it anywhere to get fixed if you cant do it yourself, also the printer head might be stuffed if its that old.

nigndids, Dec 7, 6:54am
Thanks rahto - I think the printer head should be ok it hasn't had very high usage.

logo, Dec 7, 9:26am
HP printers (or the old ones anyway) have the print head in the cartridge so everytime you change the cartridge you get a new printhead.

I'm still using my HP PSC750 - cheap as chips HP15 remanufacturered cartridges.

hakatere1, Dec 7, 4:39pm
Probably rusted onto rail. You might have to give it a spray with crc or similar, leave it overnight and then give it a short, sharp whack with something other than a hammer.

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