Windows Vista problem

cybertao, Dec 10, 8:42am
Every time I try to do something, I have this popup for ages and hogging the system.Is it some sort of spyware!

boots0016, Dec 10, 9:38am
More info needed

johnf_456, Dec 10, 11:20am
What is the system specification got a descent amount of ram!

drcspy, Dec 10, 6:29pm
given who posted this - has to be some kinda joke.

pcmaster, Dec 10, 6:52pm

cybertao, Dec 10, 9:00pm
A joke, huh!Having removed AVG (which needed a removal tool), replaced it and scanned with MSE, ran Malwarebytes, stopped numerous atrocities from loading at startup, downloaded 500MB of updates, CCleaned, defragmented, and switched the GUI to fugly mode.I'm sure not ####### laughing.

drcspy, Dec 10, 10:24pm
checkdisk /r

hakatere1, Dec 10, 10:36pm
The link reminds me of vista 'preparing to copy'. I had a similar problem with a bug a couple of years ago that wasn't detected by all manner of software in normal, or safemode. I had Avast free home installed and did a boot scan and it found the one file that was responsible. Went great after that.

drcspy, Dec 10, 10:36pm
and maybe run a hdd manufacturers scan.

boots0016, Dec 11, 9:38am
More info needed,
the link you have posted tells us nothing

guest, May 4, 6:37am
Ho ho, who wlouda thunk it, right?

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