IPAD 3G question

I am wanting to buy on with 3G but I will mainly be using wifi. Whats the cheapsest way to do this! I don't really want to pay a monthly fee unless it's very cheap!

geek_donna12, Dec 11, 10:47 am

My GF has the iPad 2 wifi-only version and she uses it with the personal hotspot function on my Android phone.

Personal Hotspot is available on Android since v2.2 and on iOS since v4.3

geek_carkitter, Dec 11, 12:45 pm

no such thing

geek_drcspy, Dec 11, 1:03 pm

I would think if you can afford to buy the higher priced iPad 3G, you should be able to afford the monthly plan lol. They start at $30 or $40 per month.But if you are wanting more data cap, then you are better off sticking to landline broadband

geek_mone, Dec 11, 2:16 pm

You can always stick it on Prepay.

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 11, 2:25 pm

In CHCH so you can get 1GB a month on 2Degrees Prepay for $20.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Dec 11, 3:08 pm

If you are in a main centre, go 2D, the cheapest option . at least for me ;-)

geek_smoothjazz, Dec 11, 3:36 pm

True, just don't drive too far outside CBD lol

geek_mone, Dec 11, 3:37 pm

Definitely 2degrees.Just stick a microsim in the iPad and log into the account online to add money and/or data. I have a 3G iPad 2 but I hardly use the 3G. It is handy as a security feature though, when I leave my iPad in my car I turn the cellular data on allowing me to GPS track the iPad, and the car, should they get stolen. But apart from that I use mainly wi-fi or tethering to my iPhone 4S

edit: if the iPad has no internet connection it can't tell you where it is, hence the 3G provides that connection

geek_rugbyreff, Dec 12, 12:30 am