Free registry cleaner download!

sunshine1968, Dec 11, 8:47pm
My registry needs to be cleaned. Have looked at several supposed "free" downloads on different sites. Tells me I have gazillions of bugs but then I have to "buy' the product to fix or delete.PLEASE can someone put up a link where I can clean up for free! Thank you

saffa2, Dec 11, 8:48pm

nitronz, Dec 11, 8:49pm
cc cleaner

sunshine1968, Dec 11, 9:18pm
LInk! I googled it, downloaded it and it wants "money" to buy it :-&

datoofairy, Dec 11, 9:19pm

Right hand side, click to download latest version.

plumbernick, Dec 11, 9:20pm

hakatere1, Dec 11, 11:21pm
Intentions good, but bad advice. Ccleaner.

drcspy, Dec 12, 1:04am
yes the download is free of course - to get the program to actually 'fix' anything is NOT free.

and WHAT makes you think your 'registry needs to be cleaned'

do you even know what your registry is !

drcspy, Dec 12, 1:12am's NOT

"cc cleaner" THAT'S actually some rubbish program which wants money.and it's CRAP

it IS "c cleaner"

theres a LARGE difference .

You REALLY need to get it accurate .REALLY

wayne472, Dec 12, 2:57am
forget all about it,its A con!
Just enjoy your computor the way it is!

icioufa, Dec 12, 3:39am

nitronz, Dec 12, 3:41am
so i made a typo.they knew which one i meant

drcspy, Dec 12, 3:56am
show me where I've misdirected anyone to some crap program by a 'typo' !

drcspy, Dec 12, 4:03am
computers are LITERAL and they're NOT forgiving of 'typos'.try a 'typo' when you're putting in any kind of typed command and see how far you get !

drcspy, Dec 12, 4:04am
similar on the net.if you 'typo' a program name and someone goes googling for it .theres a damn good chance they'll get some result related to your typo.and it WON'T be the program you are really trying to direct them to.Often enough it'll cause issues.

princelee, Dec 14, 7:30am
easycleaner by toni arts is about the best ive found, great for also getting rid of annoying startup programs, temp files, etc.

r.g.nixon, Dec 14, 8:07am
I found easycleaner a bit dangerous, sometimes deletes things it shouldn't.
CCleaner and ASC (Advanced System Care) are the only ones I use now.

nitronz, Dec 12, 3:41am
ditto to you

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