3g iphone & music

no1niki, Dec 12, 11:38am
Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know how to put music onto an iphone without having to go through itunes! I have stuff on my laptop i want to transfer.is it possible! I found a mp3 converter application through google & went through it but still no go.am i wasting my time! Sorry have NO idea about iphones.

mone, Dec 12, 4:23pm
You can try using winamp.

mikenel, Dec 12, 7:30pm
Go to the App store and look for a program called isyncr. It comes in two versions one to use with a USB cable and the other with WiFi. Then as you update your itunes this program will update you iphone wirelessly (with the WiFi version). Works with Android devices as well. Wonderful stuff.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 10:00pm
Easiest just to use iTunes. You can still use iTunes to manage music you've 'acquired' from elsewhere

mikenel, Dec 12, 10:18pm
Yeah I didn't read the question properly.

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